The Casio fxMS is a calculator with functions, including basic and scientific functions. Its two-line display shows the calculation formula. this trick will work until you press the on or off button of the calculator. PLEASE DO SEE THE VIDEO FOR MORE DETAILS. youtube link. In this thread are some tips to use with casio scientific calculators like fxMS. They are present in many sites/videos, and I decided to collect.

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SimonLothar December 24,8: HP 50g LCD failure by: Ylifam November 22, Mofo October 26,2: Issues with Equations that have “No Solution” by: Font in gii SDK programs by: Mon Dec 31, Casio Matrix Screen Pre-Repair your calculator by following trickd 6 steps: Hit ‘AC’ button Twice 3.


Press ‘Mode’ Button 4. Press Right on Pad once 6.

Technologies, electronics and ICT: Software hacking of a FXMS (the magic sequence)

Press UP on Pad once Pess ‘DEL’ Button once 3. Hold LEFT on Pad until you reach the three’s and zero’s you typed in previously, carfully select the square next to the last number.

Start press ‘DEL’ button repeatly, until the numbers are dissapearing on the left 5. Carfully delete the last number, then press ‘DEL’ once more to change into a new layout 6.

Press ‘DEL’ Button once 8. Press ‘DEL’ Five times 9.

Do this until you see a ‘h’ with a line through its arm Press ‘DEL’ Button once Press 8 What is it?: It is still unkown if it is a feature casio added, or just a technical flaw were the screen doesn’t know what to display, because of the tampering with the calculators system.

Does no harm to your calculator. To turn this off, press ‘ON’ Button. It is still hard to believe that such a detail has been found on a calculator, so would this be an easter egg leaked?


Casio Calculator FXMS Instructions | Sciencing

Casio Service Mode – by error17 1. Press UP on Pad 7.

Teicks all black scientific buttons on first row from left to right to display 10 9. Press all black scientific buttons on second row from left to right to display 17 It is a feature built, so that before packaging the calculator, an employee runs the test to make sure its working.

GForce Profile Private message. BTW there’s a funny video:

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