In this short, punchy book, Drew Eric Whitman lifts the shroud of mystery surrounding consumer behavior by . Full Book Review: Cashvertising Book Review. Cashvertising Summary by Drew Eric Whitman presents secrets of customer psychology that will help you sell anything to anyone. Prepare yourself for a unique learning experience as author Drew Eric Whitman takes you on a wild, roller-coaster ride through the streets of.

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Desire to be free from fear, pain, and danger. Gives you instant access to hundreds of proven techniques and priceless psychological insights, presented with verve and humor. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Yet, so many people face bad results, because they do not know how to advertise their product properly.

Advertising is not supposed to be entertainment! Advertising is about selling.

Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman –

Selling is a fundamental activity. That is exactly what this summary is about. Were they referred to you by someone? Whitman primarily focuses on print advertising so that some contemporary readers may wish for more information on Internet advertising.

The 17 Foundational Principles of Consumer Psychology Now we enter some very heavy psychological and sociological whotman, specifically related to advertising and marketing. It sounds obvious when I write it. At the point when you have chosen your strategy, move to developing your message. The thing is what if in all that long copy, there’s not enough to convince Ms. As a marketer, this book has been invaluable at further understanding consumer phycology.


Contains a lot of tips casvhertising will be useful no matter if you’re promoting your brick-and-mortar business or promoting mobile Cost-Per-Install offers online.

How do they work? But I don’t have any other concrete reason. In fact, most don’t cost a penny to use.

Half-page ads pull about 70 percent of full-page ads; quarter-page ads pull about 50 percent of full-page ads. But I don’t believe in such a simplistic view of human beigns. Your brain is being controlled-and you don’t even dashvertising it. And they’re causing you–and millions like you–to spend enormous amounts of money every day on countless products and services. Your headline must stop them or your advertising will likely fail.

I have been actively using this to write enticing content and it has done wonders for me. Desire to care for and protect loved ones.

Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman

A cheat-sheet to simplify even further. How You Say It Matters 3. And, above all, I don’t agree with the idea of making money whatever the product or the consequences.


Better yet, this does not read like a text book. At times I felt it was redundant and the print wasn’t all that appealing But what are these principles?

All human beings have eight basic desires. Well, advertisers have figured out the needs consumers that will get consumers to BUY. Fear is yet another powerful motivator. Take this summary with you and read anywhere! Always use the P. Yet, most professionals in advertising and related fields understand very little about what actually drives people to buy.

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It’s not eic creativity contest. As a result, they want to hang around people that share their values, or that offer them a particular status. Create stress by alerting your customers to possible danger, and then offer them a solution to relieve the tension. Hard for me to understand.

Desire to enjoy food and beverages 3. One of my favourite copywriting books. You can literally open the book and add whatever you want to your existing copy.

If you haven’t, I’d opt for Seducing Strangers instead.

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