Carry the One by Carol Anshaw – Hailed as “beautifully observed” (The New York Times) and “a brilliant feat of storytelling” (The Boston Globe), Carol Anshaw’s. Carol Anshaw’s ‘Carry the One’ is a sharp and arresting work about the intersecting lives of three siblings. Such is the experience on opening Carol Anshaw’s moving and engaging new novel, “Carry the One.” Within a chapter it’s clear that Anshaw.

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Astronomer Nick is brilliant and pathetic, a star about to supernova. Even when I wanted to smack anahaw in the head or shake some sense into them, I wanted things to turn out well. The story is beautifully written, with characters that come across as genuine and descriptive turns of phrase.

Page”It was usually not, Carmen had told Alice, a good situation when the same person provided both the pain and the analgesic. Nick disguising the booze on his breath with wintergreen ansuaw freshener, so cxrol it’s like “talking to someone in a Norwegian forest”.

I would not have finished this book but for it being a book club pick, although two other book club members did find it too boring to actually finish!

Maybe I set myself up for failure on this one by having an entirely different idea of how this would play out. Lists with This Book. Though she never attempts to follow a precise timeline, the passage of time and the changes that occur during them come across clear enough.

I did enjoy the first 30 pages and thought I was in for a 5 star read, but after the page mark I struggled to even pick up the book and I know my reluctance in reading really shows my disinterest in the Novel. I loved this book.


Carry the One by Carol Anshaw

They begin an on-again, off-again affair. The writing is so smooth and the characters are two sister and a brother who are involved in a fatal accident which effects them in different way throughout their lives.

Following this is the fact that these individuals in an alcohol and drug haze get in a car and drive. Subtle, bemused, kind and smart, she nails moment after moment: The chapters are seen as snapshots of time over the coarse of twenty years, showing how each sibling struggles in their own way to regain something normal, but there is no way to bury this hurt, no way craol stop it from tinting every relationship, every occasion, every quiet moment spent alone.

The siblings are carefully observed and vibrate with veracity. The carll is not about caroo accident; it is about the reaction to it, whether it is a reaction that is consciously embraced or unconsciously worms it way in out of nowhere.

The book is meant to look at how one tragic moment impacts these individuals throughout their lives. View all 8 comments.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I wanted more of that. The description of the wedding includes descriptions of casual drug use, casual relationships, and the fact that even the wedding itself is precipitated by an unplanned pregnancy. High quality of writing, excellent story, pacing, drama, humor and poignancy.

There is an artist who paints a series of painting that will never be seen by anyone but herself. A group of drunk people, on their drive home from a wedding, hit and kill a little girl running across the road. Alice paints and searches for love, but that is no different from what was happening prior to the accident. I found myself wanting to sit czrry down for a stiff drink and some straight girlfriend talk. Yet, Olivia is completely enigamic. Carry The One is one of those rare well crafted books on several levels.


The main characters at the beginning of the book are high and drunk after leaving a wedding reception. Alice, meanwhile, doesn’t see Maude again for two years, before she reappears at Alice’s studio. Carmen and Alice’s loving, sisterly relationship like that of “minor diplomats, one csrol the arctic, the other from an equatorial nation, attempting to understand each other’s customs, participate in each other’s holidays”.

Carry the One by Carol Anshaw: review

I also feel that Anshaw does too much telling and precious little showing, which quickly becomes tedious.

C arol Anshaw’s superb Carry the One opens inwith a wedding and a tragedy in quick succession. The main event that this book revolves around chapter one – I’m not spoiling the book, promise! On some level Carol Anshaw has a knack for anwhaw the conflicts between her characters poignant and compelling; I found myself caring about this rather oddball family as their lives unfolded.

Carmen’s brother and sister have both momentarily slipped away from the proceedings. This book tells the story of the men and women of Fighter Command who worked tirelessly in tue bases scattered throughout Britain to thwart the Nazis.

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