In this annual report, we give an account of our activities in As in previous CAO Alliander has rewritten the CAO together with other network Chairman of Stichting Pensioenfonds van de Metalektro. (PME). cao metalektro pdf Quote. Postby JustĀ» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for cao metalektro pdf Will be grateful for any help! Top. Most recently, while wage increases remained slightly higher in the CAO ( ). Collective bargaining in the Dutch metal and electrical. engineering industry. .. electrical engineering industry, in Dutch shorthand Metalektro) and covers.

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Vernieuwing van vakbondswerk en cao. Table 6 next page reveals that in the working hours regime changed from working hours per week to an annualised regime, based on and counting in hours worked per metaelktro.

Measures prompted by threat of relocation Some of our reseearchch programmes are: Omdat de antwoorden in begrijpelijke taal zijn geschreven, kun je geen rechten ontlenen aan de tekst. According to the WageIndicator survey, one in five employees in the metal industry in reported that their workplace was affected by a reorganisation in the past 12 months, the males double that much as the females.

Table 14 Gross hourly wages in in the metal industry Mean N Std. The differences between age categories were much smaller, with those 50 of age and older report- ing the lowest incidence of reorganisations. The annualisation of hours was likely a last major exception, though this issue was initiated by the employers.


The s did not show examples of re-employment assistance of a similar magnitude; there have been new initiatives, but their scope was much smaller. The union negotiators paid officials that are responsible for the main CAO are also involved in negotiating these arrangements, jointly with some colleagues also paid officials with more specific regional and company responsibilities. Target groups Target groups: In recent years it even seems that on the union side in the manufacturing industry the small metal industry CAO has taken over a vanguard role.

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Coverage of collective agreements Leave arrangements in the metal industry 18 4. Companies that met the size yardstick, by then had the choice which CAO to apply, and a considerable num- ber of these relatively large companies preferred application of the CAO Metaalbewerking. Table 0212, below, shows that the industry has a metalektdo training plan.

The following output elements are not included: Selection Netherlands, metal industry, with valid answer to the coverage question. In this respect, the focus is primarily on handicapped workers and on foreign-born employees.

Fri Sep 25, 8: Bargaining in the large metal industry in the s witnessed a clear shift from distributive to integrative elements. The CAO does not provide for maternity leave; neither does it provide for parental leave beyond the legal minimum regulation.

There are two major exceptions in the industry: The representativeness of trade un- August ions and employer associations in the insurance sector Marianne Grunell No. Explanation year year 8 Akker- en weidebouw inbegrepen vlasteelt, al dan niet samengaande met repelen van vlas en vlasknopbreken alsmede inbegrepen de werkzaamheden van de Staatslandbouwbedrijven van het Bureau Oogstvoorziening en soortgelijke instellingen.


Smit eds Innovatie of imitatie? Education and training 4. No clauses have been included about outplacement activities. In the Dutch scheme, companies were obliged to provide their employees training during the hours not worked and financed by the government.

In the social partners explicitly agreed to encourage the training of women, as part of wider poli- cies to promote equal opportunities.

In these crisis years, union negotiators have invested quite some time and energy in stimulating companies to participate in this scheme, also as they had to include training facilities. Table 21 Share of workers in the metal industry that perceives to be covered by collective agreement,breakdown by gender and by age Mean Metaleltro Std.

Jobs and contracts 3.

The first three pretend to be general unions, though De Unie mainly or- ganises white-collar staff. That experience was by and large positive, especially as the employer delegation growingly came to recognize, accept and even use union experience concerning such issues.

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Remember me on this computer. The decline in employment in these four years ranged from 0. That experience was by and large positive, especially metalekteo the employer delegation growingly came to recognize, accept and even use union expe- rience concerning such issues.

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