The CAO Metaalbewerking for covered , employees (FNV CAO , a new basic collective agreement has been agreed for the Metalektro. In this case, the Dutch annual report for will prevail. The collective labour agreement (CAO) specified Metalektro (PME). Maarten van Klaveren and Kea Tijdens. AIAS Publication Series. No. Reprint Normal working hours in the metalektro industry are agreed in the CAO.

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Help Center Find new research papers in: Yet, an apprenticeship employment agreement as agreed in to be offered for an meyalektro period to apprentice-employees that successfully completed their training was judged counter-productive in by the social partners, and therefore not prolonged.

Long-term wage trends in the metal industry 21 4.

More general, the attention for training has remained a constant factor throughout the s. Time banking schedules in the metal industry 17 3. Ketalektro, a number of arrange- ments concerning working time, leave arrangements and child care, in which the metal agreement had been leading, were overtaken by legal provisions.

Remember me on this computer. Total employment in wasAt this level of comparison, the official data before are not very well comparable with the available data from on. Its less prominent position that already became visible in the s, became more clearly manifest after the turn of the century.

Cao metalektro downloaden

The metaalektro in employment in these four years ranged from 0. The related agreement stipulated that companies in the industry had to donate the equivalent of 0. They said that recently there has been definitely no substantial downward derogation going on Obviously they meant in ; some examples indicate that in this has been otherwise.

A decade earlier, inan industry foundation for employment protection and creation was introduced in the CAO. In line with this arrangement, the basis for shortening working hours arbeidstijdverkorting, ATV changed from days per year to hours per year. Tijdens Wat kost kinderopvang? Since they are set at 38 hours per week. Neij Naar groter eenheid. Mtealektro, mainly the clauses concerning occupational disablement, early retirement and pensions are still A-clauses.


The vao clause of this kind was and is that concerning the protection of lay union offic- ers, including protection related to dismissal, payment and careering. Skip to main content.

In addition to paid holidays, the following caoo are considered paid free days too: The CAO states that all employees, regardless their job level, can ask for shorter working hours and that there is no minimum with regard to the number of hours worked.

In the Dutch scheme, companies were obliged to provide their employees training during the hours not worked and financed by the government. We did not find any mentioning of this foundation and funding in the s. Inemployment grew, followed by a decrease in and a dramatic fall of 20, in Click here to sign up. This was a union initiative. Assessment and procedures In the CAO, the parties have agreed upon the installation of a working group as to study the ac- cessibility of the CAO texts and the possibilities of simplifying them.

According to the Databank, the following numbers of employees were successively covered: Table 2 Metalektrl of employees covered by the collective agreements in the metal and electrotechnical industry Cao No. Else- vier Bedrijfsinformatie Rojer, M. Vernieuwing van vakbondswerk en cao. Leave arrangements in the metal industry 18 4.

Reprint – 1 The Netherlands: Different treatment of target groups Van der Meer, M.

This threshold is in line with the Dutch Law on Minimum Wage, but mwtalektro heavily questioned by in particular union youth groups. Employment guarantees 14 3. Recent wage situation in the metal industry Based on WageIndicator data, Table 14 next page shows a mean gross hourly wage of Euro Flexible working time schedules, reduced working metalektroo and metalekgro 16 3. As Table 1 showed, the duration of the agreement varies from 15 months into three years between — and Yet, the WageIndica- tor web-survey provides figures concerning the perception of respondents that they are covered by collective agreement.


The CAO does not provide for maternity leave; neither does it provide for parental leave beyond the legal minimum regulation. It combines various ious disciplinary inary approaches along a three persp perspec pectives: If one detracts Philips and Tata Steel from this figure, aboutwould be left.

The table reveals that employment between and dropped in nearly all industries under study, apart from 31 – Manufacturing of other electrical machinery. The latter cases are not included in the analyses.

Table 14 Gross hourly wages in in the metal industry Mean N Std. It has been accepted by the membership of the four unions involved in June Only to a limited extent the unions succeeded in giving this clauses a compulsory character through promoting them to an A-status, as has been the case with the issue of employment guarantees.

The following ,etalektro elements are not included in the current CAO a la carte: The differences between age categories were much smaller, with those 50 of age and older report- ing the lowest incidence of reorganisations. Log In Sign Up. Inthe cwo partners started a discussion about opening meralektro ar- rangements for male workers too Van den Brekel and Tijdens, The CAO used to have a clause that increased maternity leave from the legal 14 weeks to 16 weeks, but since the legal leave was set at 16 weeks, this clause has been abolished.

Table 22 Share of workers in the metal industry that perceives to be covered by collective agreement,breakdown by wage decile wagedecile Mean N Std.

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