Fran Drescher’s Master Class Health Summit is a mind-expanding. The Official Store for the Cancer Schmancer Movement. We can’t thank you. Before you use them AROUND your home, check here. Type in the name of.

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That’s not because the technology doesn’t exist; the transvaginal ultrasound is much more thorough. You’ve heard of a second opinion?

Cancer Schmancer by Fran Drescher

So, help us save lives by ensuring that all women’s cancers are diagnosed cqncer Stage 1, when they’re most curable. It felt like fran was talking to you personally I felt that this book was very engaging. She describes her symptoms and how hard it was to get a correct diagnosis and treatment. But that is her choice and her beliefs on treatments.

But upon learning on the internet that Fran had married her high school sweet heart, been robbed and raped in the same night, told her pride and joy as well as her creation The Nanny was being cancelled, separated from her husband and discovered she had cancer I became rather impressed and fascinated.

We’re also lobbying for legislation to increase diagnostic tools and cancer screening tests as part of basic health care. She also comes dangerously close to speaking as a medical authority, when in reality she is just one person who went through this particular type of cancer.

In my opinion, this is more a book for people who have dealt with similar struggles. There seems to be a lot of self pitying in the book, which is to be expected, but it just doesn’t make a good read. Sometimes you need a little comic relief.


Want to Read Currently Reading Schmwncer. In a very “tell it like it is” style, she shares the long painful path to being diagnosed, as well as what she went through in her personal and professional life.

Fortunately, it is a relatively slow-growing cancer, so it was still in stage one. Published November 1st by Warner Books first published But cures are few and far between. Fran Drescher did not disappoint with Cancer Cancwr.

What happened with John? There were plenty of interjections of the Nu?

When the book was over the first thought I had was “That cannot be the end! Refresh and try again. I just wanted to read more about Fran, and that happened to be through this cancer memoir.

Perhaps because I’ve only seen Drescher in “The Nanny,” I haven’t experienced these changes in outlook, even from the distance of a fan. It is not nearly as funny as I was led to believe. Opinion HuffPost Personal Videos.

Scnmancer I’m not sure if she wrote this by herself, but I think she did. My one issue was that there was a LOT of complaining.

She talks about being a baby and selfish and lets it all hang out, which is one reason why I schkancer this book. I wish I could give it three and a half stars because it’s better than “just ok” but not quite worth of 4 stars. I really liked this book!

Cancer Schmancer | HuffPost Life

Apr 14, Merredith rated it liked it Recommends it for: Here’s where my organization, Cancer Schmancer comes in. And for a celebrity author, it’s well written and not terribly self absorbed. A very good book about Fran dealing with being misdiagnosed for way too canver, to finally being diagnosed with uterine cancer, and through her surgery and recovery. It was interesting to note that Drescher admits several times in Cancer Schmancer scchmancer the truths that she expressed in Enter Whining didn’t hold true after the few years following the release of the first memoir.


She doesn’t hold back. I admire that kind of grit. It may be weird to give a low rating to someone’s cancer story, but this book was annoying.

I was luckier–my doc immediately biopsied. What struck me as odd is that she describes her years long journey bouncing back and forth between 9 doctors and suddenly gets diagnosed by doctor number 9 and has surgery a week later without getting a second opinion.

Cancer Schmancer

She recommends doing your own research so you’ll know what to expect. I understand that her battle was hers and no one elses but part of the book made her seem like a martyr when, all things considered, she had it pretty easy since she never had to do chemo, radiation, reconstruction, or some of the worst things cancer has to offer. This book schmancsr Fran Drescher’s battle with uterine cancer.

Aug 21, Glenn rated it really liked it. Cancer Schmancer by Fran Drescher. It’s not very long, but Fran Drescher packs in information about women’s health and her personal experience that may help women feel less embarrassed about getting screened for potential problems and more comfortable with taking care of themselves.

She tells you how she found herself to be diagnosed with uterine cancer. The real “Nanny” well written Fran had her struggles.

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