For Sprint® Torque Specifications, see Page 6. Sprint®. S (). Sprint®. S (). Sprint®. S (). Sprint®. S S Camozzi 6mm x 1/8in BSP Swivel Male Stud Elbow is made from nickel plated brass with a nitrile rubber seal. This Camozzi fitting has a tube OD of 6mm . S Camozzi 10mm x 1/4in BSP Swivel Male Stud Elbow is made from nickel plated brass with a nitrile rubber seal. This Camozzi fitting has a tube OD of.

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Block for pressure gauge fixing. Series VEC compact ejectors. Flat finger gripper with sensor slot Mod. Series QN short-stroke cylinders. Pneumatic foot operated pedal Series 2.

Magnetic proximity switches with 2- or 3-wire cable for V-slot. CGPS gripper, size 20 mm – dimensions. Series CLR Micro pressure regulators without banjo. Series E valves and solenoid valves.

S Swivel Elbow – Camozzi Automation Ltd

Unidirectional flow controllers Series MVU. Series MD filter-regulators – dimensions. Rear female trunnion bracket Mod. Electropneumatical valve with outlets on sub-base – size Series CLR micro pressure regulators.


Single manifold with rear outlets. Male trunnion bracket with swivel ball joint Mod. Series 24 and 25 minicylinders with rod lock Camzzi. Interface plate – profile side on slider – right position. Cylinders Series 31 – multi-position version. Series 6 directly operated solenoid valves. Interface plate – Anti-rotation guides S. Series CFB camkzzi steel solenoid valves.

Sender and receiver sensor Series 2L – M5 ports. In-line connectors with cable Mod.

Slot nut 8 with flexible flap. Series 28 flow control valves.

Electro-pneumatically actuated valve, monostable – size Kit for parallel connection Mod. Series QX twin cylinders. Cylinders Series 60 with rod lock.

Blanking plate for manifolds – base mounted valves. Soft start valves Series MX – dimensions. Series W directly operated solenoid valves. Manifold for valves size 16 and 19 outlets on the body valve. Series super-rapid fittings for plastic tubes.

Series K8 directly operated solenoid valves. Filter-regulators Series MX – dimensions. Series MD activated carbon filters – dimensions.


Rod fork end Mod. Single manifold with front outlets. Series FVT vacuum cup filters. Cylinders Series 41 with centre trunnion Mod. Elastomer coupling with expansion shaft Mod. Rapid clamp kit with wall fixing brackets – size 2. Pneumatic valve, bistable with outlets on sub-base – size Tubing, spirals and accessories.

Camozzi S6520 10-1/2 Male Stud Swivel Elbow

Interface plate – profile on slider – long arm. Series dual seal super-rapid fittings.

Series MD activated carbon filters. Cylinders Series 94 and BH and BL Single sub-base side outlets VDMA Cables a6520 Stepper MTS motors. Bidirectional flow controllers Series MCO.

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