Camozzi Pneumatics, Inc. Redbud Blvd. Suite NORTH AMERICAN CYLINDER & ACTUATOR CATALOG > Release ii. Welcome to the world of. CATALOGUE > Release standard and low friction: 0°C ÷ 80°C (with dry air – 20°C) . electro-pneumatic regulator with the low friction cylinder as shown in. Camozzi USA – Your source for high quality pneumatic fittings, pneumatic valves, Cylinder and Actuator Catalog Fitting & Flow Control Valves Catalog NEW.

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North America Catalogs

Series VED inline ejectors. Manually operated valves – dimensions. Pneumatic valve, bistable with outlets on sub-base – size In-line connectors with cable. Slot nut 8 with flexible flap. Intermediate joining cartridge Mod.

Series 6 directly operated solenoid valves. Series quick-release couplings. Parallel grippers Series CGP. Series NA valves and solenoid valves. Series PG digital pressure gauges – with cable.


Series CP directly operated proportional solenoid valves. Series K8 directly operated solenoid valves. Series VTOF suction pad – female thread.

Camozzi Products area – Catalogue

Soft start valve Series MC. Cylinders Series 42 – through-rod. Unidirectional flow controllers Series MVU. Series FVD inline vacuum filters. Pneumatically actuated valve, monostable – size End block for manifold sub-base VDMA Electro-pneumatic valve, solenoid P, W – size Coalescing filters Series MC.

Single manifold with rear outlets. Series DRWB drives for the control of electric actuation. Rotary actuators Series ARP – sizes from to Series CLR Micro pressure regulators without banjo. Rod fork end Mod.

Series VTCN suction pad – male thread. Cylinders with slide bearing Mod. Pressure switches, Transducers, Pressure indicators. Electrical foot operated pedal Series 3.

Flange for axial connection Mod. Series 2 mechanically operated minivalves. Series CLR Micro pressure regulators with banjo.

Camozzi Products area – Homepage

Single manifold with front outlets. Soft start valves Series MX – dimensions. Series KN directly operated solenoid valves. Series FVD inline filter. CGPS gripper, size 20 mm – dimensions. Electropneumatic valve, catalofue with outlets on sub-base – s.


Blanking plate for manifolds – base mounted valves.

Series CSD magnetic proximity switches with 3-wire cable. Counter bracket for front trunnion Mod.

Series N FRL units. DIN pin spacing 8 mm. Series dual seal super-rapid fittings. Series MX activated carbon campzzi. AM Protection class IP CGPT gripper, size 16 mm – dimensions. Manifold bases with comm. Electropneumatically actuated valve, bistable – size 10,5.

BH and BL Rear trunnion ball-joint Mod. Series CGA angular grippers.

Manifold for valves size 16 and 19 outlets on the body valve. Interface plate – slider on slider. PM Protection class IP

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