Camino de Los Ángeles by John Fante, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. A los dieciocho años, Arturo Bandini vive con su madre y su hermana, dos beatas, en San Pedro, el puerto de Los Ángeles. Trabaja en empleos duros y mal. Read Camino de Los Angeles book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery on qualified by John Fante (Author). Be the first to review.

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Camino de Los Ángeles – John Fante – Google Books

In the Boulder Rocklin book the father is a bricklayer, while in this book the late father was a carpenter. Fuori di testa, le dico, fuori di testa. It Pretty gruesome at times but a good book. Reminds me of The Stranger by Camus a bit. I inform you of this in no uncertain fatne. Acerbo, coi suoi diciott’anni ma con una grande voglia di fare, di emergere, di cambiare vita, passando da un estremo all’altro, raccontandosi e inventandosi un mondo tutto suo.

And now there’s a sister but no little brothers.

Camino de Los Ángeles by John Fante (5 star ratings)

I can’t tell if it was because Arturo is such a hatable anti-hero, or if was the writing itself that bothered me. Get out there and look for what you’ll never find. However, as Fante lacks Toole’s comic genius, he fails to generate affection for his extremely unlikable protagonist. It was hard to remember such monotony. I sat down and began to think about the new novel. Sorry if I spoiled the plot, but it’s really not that angelfs.


My favorite memory of this novel is when the “hero”, obsessed with a dr who couldn’t care less about him, licks the wall where she’d just struck a match. He is the ruler of a kingdom of beautiful women, deadly revolutions, exotic lands, and missions of conquest. It’s worth reading in context with rest, and much better, anngeles the Bandini saga.

One of my favorites, by one if my favorite authors. A job for you? The nights were nights and nothing joyn. John Fante’ manages to oh-so-cleverly show the reader what really good writing is, knowing that we know that Arturo, his his alter-ego, will eventually get there. Ergo, I now leave you and your ever charming daughter my beloved sister Mona and seek the fabulous usufructs of my incipient career in profound solitude.

I loved it anyeles. Why go east – why not go west?

Ele quis saber o que eu estava a escrever naquele instante. Think of what you are, my boy! I suppose I’ll find out if they moved fantr Rocklin Boulder as I get further into the story.

Boy, this was a difficult one to like. Though I appreciate internal conflict, the struggle between the protagonist and his desire to pleasure himself was not the most compelling.

John Fante: el escritor maldito que inspiró a Bukowski

Cooped up in a coldwater flat with his mother and sister, struggling to survive, the most Italian of all out of control Italian youths who needed the support, tolerance and patience of a large, doting Mediterranean community to flourish. I’ll be reading the last two installments of the late Mr. Un plauso dunque al personaggio, riuscitissimo. During each episode in his crazed wanderings through the tough dockside streets of s Los Angeles, I fervently wished he’d been transplanted to his spiritual homeland, tearing through the cobblestoned communities of Southern Italy.


You’re a thief and you’re a crab-killer and a lover of women in clothes closets. The main character is just hard to spend any time with due to his immaturity and grandiosity. The Road to Los Angles is a book that swings hard with crude impact and special brand of finesse.

In reality we readers should be shocked at the working conditions but in the end you can’t help laughing. Arturo is utterly adorable. I am penniless but I urge you in no uncertain terms to cease your cerebral anxiety about my destiny, for truly it lies in the palm of the immortal gods. Finished last night with this appropriately, and thankfully, brief book. A blinding magnesium flare, an elemental torchsong to precocious youth that, for all its down-and-dirty honesty and frustrated libido, manages to retain a charm and innocence that the instant gratification of cyber space has forever appropriated.

The Bandini Family is now located in Los Angeles, and there’s no more father. Apr 21, M.

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