The Masoneilan® Camflex control valve is based on an elegant design – one which is uncomplicated yet attentive to all the right details. Designed as an. Masoneilan® Series Camflex® II – Eccentric Plug control valve More than 1 million Series Camflex valves have been successfully installed in a. Series Camflex® II Masoneilan. E.P.& S. – GE Masoneilan – Camflex® II Series Series Camflex® II Masoneilan Rotary Control Valve.

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Masoneilan Camflex II 35002 Series Rotary Control Valve

Open the catalog to page The design of the rolling diaphragm with a 3: In addition, there is far less wear to the packing as it simple rotates within the packing instead of pulling media up and through the packing as linear designs due. Instead of a linear motion seating mechanism, the Camflex literally caflex on a splined shaft, with maslneilan friction across the seats, and flexes in to the sealing area.

We also fabricate control panels, provide shutdown assistance, and have the ability to customize control loops to customer specification.

Because of its unique seating action, the Camflex plug makes camflrx contact with the seat until it rotates into its full closed position.

The unique self-aligning eccentric rotating plug provides tight shut off and low dynamic forces.


Leave Comments Your Name. Our value is evident when you camflez our valve with the competition. The Online Industrial Exhibition. Open the catalog to page 6. Large, highly visible valve position indicator. You may not realize it but Masoneilan is one of the oldest names in control valves in the industry.

For the next half of a century, they pioneered many innovations and established standards we still use today such as the flow coefficient calculations also known as Cv. Open the catalog to page 3. We are an independent facility that has the capability to repair, modify, calibrate and install control valves, instrumentation, and related tubing application.

Heavy duty guide lugs assure quick, positive alignment during installation. Such unique features as the standard extended bonnet allow for operation within a wide temperature range. It takes a lot less energy to rotate the splined shaft and lifting and lowering a linear piston. Inok so not since 69, but I needed a catchy titlethey introduced the first Camflex. We are a licensed instrumentation contractor with practical field experience in all aspects of process masoneilwn.

Have questions or need a configuration you don’t see?

Series Camflex® II Masoneilan | E.P. & S. english version

Splined shaft and actuator linkages, combined with low friction techniques, assure minimum deadband and hysteresis. Masoneilan Series V-Max?

Open the catalog to page 9. Provides up to 18dBA noise attenuation. Masoneilan Camflex – Perfect design since ’69 0 Comments David Morgan 15 May Posted 8 months ago You may not realize it but Masoneilan is one of the oldest names in control valves in the industry.


As the title reflects, is is all in the design. Open the catalog to page 8. All of these unique innovations in the Camflex design result in a standard platform with amazing versatility. The Camflex II valve is a heavy-duty, automatic-throttling control valve that is flangeless or flanged and includes unique self-aligning eccentric rotating plug that provides tight shutoff and low dynamic forces.

This greatly reduced friction and wear improves the life of the valve and seat dramatically which leads to extend up time and of course, reduced unscheduled down time. When released, it relaxes out and off the seat before rotating out of the flow path for a very trash tolerant, low friction design.

Once seating occurs, continued shaft rotation causes the plug arm to flex, forcing the plug into deeper contact with the seat Offering process plant owners and operators an exceptional control valve choice, GE helps drive results on your key business metrics:

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