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EN is a European standard series for intruder alarms and hold-up systems . It is not the easiest task to understand and implement all the documentation. EN was phased in to replace British Standards BS, BS and BS and was adopted in October utilising PD , an enabling. Like all other professional alarm companies, since 1st October , we are installing to BS EN, PD & BS The old British Standards BS

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A Grade 3 system expects intruders to be conversant with intruder alarm systems and have access to a comprehensive range of tools. As you can see systems are evaluated against the risk of the level of intruder that may attack the system hence the requirement that system design meets the appropriate grade.

Glass break detectors acoustic. Passive infrared detectors Status: Certified Wireless Alarm Systems eliminate the main threats and are recognised by insurers and security monitoring wn50131 alike.

This is difficult to say at the moment and opinion on this matter varies from country to country. Security Grades One of the most important aspects of the EN requirements is the concept of a security grade. The thief could be very experienced with intruder alarm systems and possess a number of tools and equipment to overcome the system. What Grade of System does my installation need? The overall grade of an alarm system cannot be higher than the grade of the lowest graded component within the system.


Why should you use this standard? For example, a system combining intruder and hold-up PA functionality could have a grade 4 hold-up system whilst the intruder parts were limited to grade 3.

European Standards | Crosby Intruder Alarms – Liverpool UK

An intruder is likely to gain access by penetrating doors, windows or other openings. Low to medium risk. As systems will be graded the number of maintenance visits will vary.

Mixing Components of Different Grade The EN standard says that it is not necessary to use the same grade of component throughout an intruder system. More information about our privacy policy.

Enter your details to request a FREE site security survey. Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings. From the lowest Grade 1 up to Grade 4.

Worldwide Standards We can source any standard from anywhere in the world. There are four classifications of components:.

This enables manufacturers, en5131, purchasers and procurers to ensure that an alarm system is fit for purpose and meets the risk assessment criteria. It is most likely that insurers will specify systems at Grades 3 and 4. A Grade 2 system expects intruders to have a limited knowledge of intruder alarm systems and the use of a general range of tools.

Newsagent with cigarette sales Grade 4 would be for extremely high-risk domestic and higher risk commercial properties e. Grade 3 system Intruders are expected to be conversant with intruder alarm systems and have access to a comprehensive range of tools.


European Standards

However, there are a suite of European Standards available to enable companies to install to. We guarantee to beat any companies quotations, provided that: If any upgrade to your system is undertaken your insurance company will require the system to comply with PD Select country to get the list of certified sellers Choose country.

The system as a whole is, of course, only grade 3. Search all products by. Intrusion and hold-up systems Intrusion detectors.

BS EN 50131-1:2006+A2:2017

A typical view though could be:. It is possible to have a defined part of a system at a higher grade so long as all associated parts are at the same or higher grade. There are 4 intruder alarm security grades From the eb50131 Grade 1 up to Grade 4.

This site uses cookies. Structured standards Graded systems Classification of equipment Risked based system design proposals A significant advantage for insurers and surveyors applying European Standards to systems is that a specification will grade a system appropriate to the associated Risk.

Intruders are expected to have little knowledge of intruder alarm systems and be limited to a range of easily available tools. Structured standards Grading of sb Classification of equipment Risk em50131 This provides a structured approach to:

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