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BS EN +A Licensed to Mr George Calvar on 26 May 1 user personal license only. Copying, copy/pasting, storage & distribution or use. BS EN BS EN , incorporating amendment no. 1. BS EN +A, incorporating Corrigendum May BS EN . Specifies reference procedures, and in certain cases an alternative method, for the chemical analysis of aggregates. Document History. Supersedes BS EN.

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Definitions of repeatability and reproducibility ENTests for geometrical properties of aggregates — Part 2: Find Similar Items This product falls into the following categories. The diffracted intensity by free lime CaO is measured for each of the samples in accordance with In either case wash the precipitate several times with hot water until the washings are free from chloride 6.

Weigh the test portion to the nearest 0,1 mg m16 and transfer into the flask. Copyright All the data, software and documentation set out in all British Standards and other BSI publications are the property of and copyrighted by BSI, or some person or entity that owns copyright in the information used such as the international standardization bodies has formally licensed such information to BSI for commercial publication and use.


Continue boiling for 15 min so that a precipitate is properly formed. ENEN Dry the sub-sample in a drying oven 5. When presence of slowly reacting particles is suspected, examine the particles visually to assess as well as possible their propensity to cause staining in mortar or concrete. Allow to settle until the supernatant water is more or less clear. Want access bd British Standards? Then pour some of the test portion into the glass bottle until the height of aggregate and solution is mm.

Leave the solution to cool to room temperature and store in a glass bottle 5.

You may experience issues viewing this site in Internet Explorer 9, 10 or Amends and replaces BS EN Dilute to ml with water and add 10 ml of hydrochloric acid solution 4. This document includes Amendment 1, approved by CEN on This information is given for the convenience of users of this European Standard and does not constitute an endorsement by CEN of the product named.

BS EN 1744-1:2009+A1:2012

After the indicated resting time for the apparatus, record the result as C0. The chloride ion concentration may also be determined using instrumental methods based on conductivity. Preparation of test portion Reduce the laboratory sample by the procedures specified in EN to an amount not less bz the mass specified in Table 1 7. Weigh the basin and aggregate and record the loss in mass.


BS EN +A – Tests for chemical properties of aggregates. Chemical analysis

Common equipment and calibration ENTests for general properties of aggregates — Part 6: Stopper the bottle and shake it vigorously for 1 min. NOTE 2 Control mixes will usually be prepared a day after the test mixes.

Supersedes BS EN By means of the potentiometric device 5. If necessary, allow them to cool.

The extraction with hot water removes active sulfates e. NOTE 1 The solution should be stable for at least two weeks.

Method for determination of water-soluble chloride salts Withdrawn. Tuesday, 26 May 1: For the purpose of type testing and in cases of dispute only the reference method should be used. NOTE If the titration is conducted by means of a recording pH meter, the filtration of the extract is not necessary.

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