The compactplus integrates the latest technological advances whilst maintaining simplicity and reliability through maintaining the proven robustness of the. Service Manual Perfusor® compact, german . B. Braun also recommends training on the Technical Safety. Checks, or to perform at least . Perfusor® compact S satisfies all safety stan- dards for medical electrical .. Syringe Type. B. Braun. Code No1). Cat. No.2). Min. Vol.3). [ml]. Max. Rate4). [ml/ h].

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The individual steps are described hereafter in more detail. Hold the white board holder on the E-Module when disconnecting! The syringe types are numbered in sequence using the syringe index [Version 2. Page 23 To uninstall the service program incl.

Page 54 Unit Elements 3. Syringe holder, axial positioner, drive head Syringe table and quick reference guide Membrane keyboard Battery compartment cover, battery compartment and – contacts Unit feet MFC connector Physical Construction 1 – 4 System Overview Physical Construction The Brain compact is a compact, stacking, portable and lightweight syringe pump which is used for precise dosing of small to compaact volumes of fluids in infusion and alimentary therapies.


System Overview Accessories Designation Ord.

NC battery Braun Perfusor Compact

The unit has the CE label. The compac ml syringe symbol is displayed. Braun Melsungen or a written order placed with the sales department of B.

Page 56 Unit Elements For your notes: Procedural Instructions on the TSC Page 84 Index Syringe table Wait until the current step gauge is completely released. The standard delivery rate range is 0. If you want to know more about the way this site handles the data, then please go through our privacy policy.

Page 81 11 – 4 Revision Documentation Title page and pages preceding main body Page 3 – Switch on Perfusor and keep ON-button pressed for max. Open housing carefully, then 3. New type plates can only be ordered as spare parts if the old type plates are returned to B.

Page 83 12 – 2 Index 12 – Housing upper part Start the Service Program.

B Braun Perfusor Space Infusion Pump – Monet Medical

Brwun information is available upon request. Note Always fasten syringe size board with screws to centering bearing. Related products Read more.


Page 52 Unit Elements 4.

Close unit in reverse order of opening. Enter perffusor from picture: Checks after Repair Operation 1. Check unit for cleanliness, completeness, damage and faults affecting safety. N-Module V Carrying Handle Unit Elements 4.

E-Module as operating and control unit 3.

Spritzenpumpe Perfusor compact

Note Do not squeeze motor cable. Small parts kit for 5 units Force 20 N, PWM max. Page 51 Unit Elements this straight pin lock is already fitted. Insert syringe and confirm or selecte. Page of 86 Go.

Perfusor® compact S | German Healthcare Export Group e.V.

Check push-button sensor alarm. E-module Unit Elements 4.

Unit Elements Open unit 1. Page 64 Maintenance For your notes: Page 58 Checks after Repair Visual Inspection 1. Page 32 Service Program Note Please pay attention to the notes given with the staff call cable.

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