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It definitely flies, but it doesn’t fly all the time. This is why Baba says: We have now become Brahmins and will then become deities and rule the kingdom. Baba ji I want to daily murli Like Like. It has been explained to you children that the Ganges is not the Purifier. Click here to read — Hindi Murli. Judge what He can do and what He cannot do while sitting in this body. There are some good sensible children who imbibe these brzhma.

According to the time, always remember three words — introverted antarmukhiavyakt and alokik. Liberation is also called the land of nirvana.

That is called heaven. Otherwise, what else would they do when they come here? This is the practice of the bodiless stage. Sir please do the need full.

Let the discus of brhama continue to spin in your intellects and there will be a lot of happiness. Only when you stay in yoga will you become sweet. Email Address never made public. The Father is the Ocean of Knowledge. You must attribute the work to this website but not in a way that implies that any Brahma Kumaris organisation endorses you or your use of the work.


Daily Murlis – Brahma Kumaris

daioy Imbibe immediately what you understand, the rest Baba will clarify in due time. Baba says to you children: Those who have taken the full 84 births would definitely be the oldest devotees. For 63 births you have been studying the scriptures of devotion and worshipping; you first worshipped Shiv Baba. This Diwali and Dashera etc.

If one starts studying muralis at home on his own, that is, without a senior BK explaining the real significance, and the deep aspects of gyan, there would be great kumaaris Mera baba mitha baba payri baba shiv baba happiness om shanti Like Like. It has been years. The ladder is very wonderful.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The Purifier Father comes and makes you into pure deities. Therefore, you vaily less fruit.

Malayalam Murali – BRAHMA KUMARIS Kerala

You also have to perform actions. Therefore, only when all that spinning has finished can you spin the discus of self-realisation. This age of celebrating a meeting is said to be the age of the flying stage. The more effort each of you makes, the more you will accordingly become a master of heaven. It is in this age that the Father comes to teach you. However, that Ganges does not hear them. You must not have any interest in anything. You have spiritual love for the Father and so you mrli have to face difficulties; the whole world and members of your family all become your enemies.



Om shanti Bhai ji Nice murli https: Souls now have to go back home. Write that the birthday of Daliy is also the birthday of the Gita.

If you have performed a lot of devotion, you will take a lot of knowledge and explain knowledge to many others. I make you into very beautiful flowers.

BK Murli Today – 31 December 2018

Remember Me because I brah,a come to take you back. No human being in the whole world knows this. If any adverse situation of service, the gathering or matter makes your original kimaris elevated stage shake then that is not a stage of being free from bondage. This is why you built the temple to Somnath. There is no change in his costume. No matter how big a task may be, let it not feel like you are working, but as if you are playing a game. The soul says this through the body.

How many tasks have to be accomplished and how much time do you have?

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