Learn how to escape the tight, often limiting confines of “box” scale patterns. FIGURE 1A applies this concept to the G minor pentatonic scale. How to Hack the Five Pentatonic Scale Shapes. Learn how to use the five pentatonic box shapes in real-time soloing over a groove or song. Learn to play beginner guitar scales using these easy lessons to speed you towards guitar mastery fast. Part 2.

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This part is acale In my opinion, this is useful for learning the notes of the scale rather than just the pattern. Starting on the 6th Major 9th Chords: There is no 2nd or 6th, and because of that, there are also no half steps. See the scale patterns, suggested fingerings and alternate fingerings here!

Email Required, but never shown. Not-filled-in notes are the other notes of the scale.

Therefore we ought be be able to use this scale over an Ab major chord. Next let’s move along to a Db root. When learning to improvise using these shapes try to rest on root notes or chord tones to be safe and avoid any odd sounding notes or let your ears be the judge.

Once you know the five major pentatonic scale shapes, you automatically know the five minor pentatonic scale pentatpniche. You can use all the same shapes you’ve already learned for the G major pentatonic scale.


The diagram below shows an Fm7 chord with an F Minor Pentatonic next to it. Starting on the 3rd Lydian Chords Major Chords with 4: What this means is that when you play F Minor Pentatonic over a Bb minor chord, you’ll be highlighting the root, 5th, minor 7th, 9th, and 11th or 4th.

The 5 Pentatonic Scale Shapes

Actually, that’s the purpose of this lesson. This website contains links to product offers for which I am paid if you purchase the product. It’s my thanks to you for being part prntatoniche the Guitar Lesson World community. What this means is that you need to know exactly five box patterns for both scales. The shapes of the major pentatonic scale are exactly the same as those of the minor pentatonic scaleexcept the root note is located else where.

penttaoniche This position is related to an A major chord shape. When you move onto the diatonic 7-note you may be bamboozled by endless scale boxes with greek names. Here is an example of an F Minor Pentatonic being played over an Ebsus4 chord.

The black dots are the root notes of the pattern. Pentatonic Scale box 1.

The 5 Major Pentatonic Scale Shapes – Positions

Just click the green Facebook button here below. In this lesson, we are going to be in the key of G major. In Conclusion Let’s summarize the ways we used the minor pentatonic scale in this lesson: Legato Sequences This lesson shows you some Legato Sequences using hammer-ons and flick-offs that will help pdntatoniche make fast flowing lines with your pentatonics.

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See you at beginner scales – pentatonic scale patterns box 3 soon. Both are shown below: Join the Guitarhabits facebook page to keep up with the latest posts, guitar lesson videos, tips, tricks and other news about Guitarhabits. Once your ears are familiar with the sounds, and your fingers know their way around the scale, you can go back and learn why it works. So boox do we need two names for the same thing?

Pay close attention to the sound of each note against the bbox as you boox. Two notes per string, you can pretty much play it with two fingers, and you can almost sound like Jimmy Page. If all the writing and theory is too dense for you, I recommend starting with the audio examples and the corresponding fretboard diagrams.

The 5 Pentatonic Scale Shapes – Guitar Lesson

G-form Box Single-Octave Box Patterns Another method of learning the pentatonic box patterns is to use single octave patterns. Thanks for you clear, helpful explanation. This sounds much more complicated than it actually is when you have a guitar in your hand. Other than being functional, they have gott already been employed in art and interior planning through various metal sculptures and wapl arts including a metral wall grille and a wrought iron wall plaque.

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