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Had to make a run to Fry’s electronics tonight I did not have enough 47uf capsbut I finished recapping the main board and equalizer. The Wave Radio IV also introduced dual alarms, which allowed it to appeal towards couples who wanted a Wave system, but could not own one due to the fact that it only featured a single alarm.

I started with the 10uf 16v caps, I replaced them with 16v, 35v, or 50v since that is what I had. I also have the same model Bose that’s buzzing and want to recap the board. If not, I’ll just stick with Plan A and see what happens.

The most recent year in the copyright information sometimes, for example, this information will say “Copyright ,” with being the most recent year will be the year in which your Bose AWRW was manufactured. Bose owners guides [4] [5] [6] [7] [8].

Look in the User’s Manual that came with your Bose AWRW to the first few pages, which contain disclaimer information and copyright information about your product. Thanks for the great write-up, it gave me the confidence to recap our old Bose. I’m going to do the caps and the chip. They can only stick up as high as the display, so some may have to be bent over.


It’s main issue was barely audible sound and a faint display. This information is for the Generation 1 Bose wave Radio, the other radios have different circuit boards. Bose and William R. Either way you will be replacing the caps at some point, and if I remember correctly bad caps are the primary reason for that chip to fail.

This page was last edited on 10 Novemberat May Sun 24, 8: Feb Wed 17, 1: May Sat 23, 5: It’s missing the remote, battery cover, and the AM antenna, although I have both of these from another one of these I have. Electrolytic caps in the display board 2 – 1uf 50v 1 – 4. This item doesn’t belong on this page. In Octobera multi CD changer was released for the wave music system. This one showed no sign of leakage and I didn’t smell any fishy odor while working on it.

Display board- 2- uf 6.

Recapping the display board and cleaning the lens did not make much of a difference on the display brightness, so either it won’t get any brighter or the 2 awr1–1w 47uf caps might help, I don’t know at this point. I double checked the polarity of all the caps fixed one and powered it up.

If you need a small, but good sounding radio, this is a great solution.

Thanks Look on the circuit board for little patches around the electrolytics. Just because you have two Bose AWRW systems side-by-side doesn’t necessarily mean they were produced in the same year. On the box will be a copyright date in the fine print, typically located either on the bottom of the awr1-1q or toward the bottom on one of the sides of the box. If you want to awr-11w the age of a Bose speaker system, you can find this information in a few places. The remote can control basic the functions of the iPod and the Wave system.


Bose Wave Radio Am/fm Model Awrw Clock/alarm Black | eBay

I was very careful and only broke one trace, but I did mess up about 4 pads and had to do some “fancy” soldering. Seen a lot of vintage VCRs with the same problem. The display automatically dims when there is low light like during the night so it isn’t a bright light. The board is different and uses different caps so I thought I’d share my list- Main board- 3- 2. Decent performing tabletop radio, somewhat over-hyped on its abilities though.

Trending Price New. The new system appealed to those who wanted a smaller and less expensive version of the Acoustic Wave Music System, as well as those who wanted a higher-end alarm clock radio. Carefully seperate the black bottom from the remainder of the radio.

Bose Wave System

Once that is done begin replacing awr1-11w electrolytic capacitors. Show More Show Less. At the time of its discontinuation, the Acoustic Wave Music System II featured a year-old dated design, as well as a lack of features offered by its smaller siblings.

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