Thought this may be helpful to anyone converting to the later style internal regulator style Bosch alternator. T, if it is of any use please feel free. bosch alternator 0 k1 14v A it has a threaded post B+pade termanal D+ how do i wire this how do i wire this up b+ is the positive and i think. PROBLEM: Many of these alternators are originally equipped with an external voltage regulator. Due to age and harness fatigue many of these harnesses are in.

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After doing it the right way the alternator did not charge. Page 1 of 2. An example of using the sense wire, is in a truck where the batteries are a long way from the alternator.

Look a tad closer at the diagrams I attached not the Bosch manual and think about how it all works……. It seems that the adaptor wire supplied to plug the bosch into the Haitchi diletype has the wires reversed.

Dec 30th, Alternator Issues – help Views: The lamp being a LED prevents the back feeding and the fuel solenoid works fine.


Which I believe would be good to do anyway. Engine is an older hp 6bta JWA.

Find Zlternator Posts by halfnelson. It should be straight forward, both the nissan and holden alternators use a main power wire, a voltage sense wire and a warning light wire. Question about 1 Answer I have a bosch alternator 0 k1 14v He thought the regulator had gone in the alternator.

Bosch internal regulator alternator wiring diagram. |

Filtered words will be replaced with the filtered version of the word. This is a known issue with AOL. Holdenpaediathey’re the brakes Filetjpe.

If it’s the newer style “European” type reg you should do some further investigation. Dec 31st, Lets say the alternator outputs January 7, at 5: Hello sports fans, I installed a new VL Wiriny 85amp rb30na alternator on my gq rb30 patrol, it fit with just a pully change and some shim adjustment.

This will extinguish the light when running, but when not the field is grounded or close to it wirihg current flow. Fit a new Wire as required Thanks, check the ground to the alternator January 8, at 7: Regardless, I am going to do that. It should explain how this unit operates and is wired.

I believe it can be 95 or amps. So, fired it up and it went up to 15 volts plus, then next time I started it, it wasn’t charging at all. You just negate the ability of the regulator to sense the vehicles system voltage and then compensate with a higher voltage output.


Bosch K1 Alternator wiring

Charge light is now working on start up. Tony Tony Athens Seaboard Founder Go here for the latest stuff we put together and share for all to see: Alternator Issues – help My trusty 76 let us down for the first time yesterday.

Once the unit is energized and working properly, that terminal goes to about Yes, on the left is the later design with internal regulator. I know that this contradicts what you’ve written but I think the alt on the left is a later one fitted ’81 on with a built in regulator.

bosch alternator wiring Questions & Answers (with Pictures) – Fixya

There are diodes or a diode plate on the rear of the alternator. Create new account Request new password.

Essentially match the Alternator or Generator to the Battery.

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