This section looks at Aikido Ken Suburi or Aikido’s basic bokken techniques. Bokken are wooden swords primarily used for martial arts weapons training. Suburi Bokken – Heavy Bokuto For Swinging Practice. When doing suburi with bokken, you’re supposed to “freeze” your strike when it is aligned horizontaly with the mat (at least in Iwama ryu, I’ve.

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Find More Posts by Ta Kung. LOL of the handle as the important part. If you wish to join in the discussions or use the other advanced features available, you will need to register first.

It is all technique. What is bokken suburi? Find More Posts zuburi henry brown. Check how your balance is set and whether your shoulders are relaxed at the of the cut. Find More Posts by Thalib. Where ever the tip of the bokken ends up, that is where you are casting to.

Bokken Suburi DVD (Newly Remastered)

Don’t grip it too tight. Into the water right? I had written a nicely detailed explanation of proper grip, te no uchi, and swinging mechanics, but aikiweb deemed to log me out, so it disappeared. Bokken suburi “problems” Practice! Do the same with the Bokken! The time now is Sit in a rocking chair as you practice with your bokken, rock back and forth, using the motion of the rocking chair as suburo body motion, and see if you can strike gently, as if you were cutting a cube of jello half way through without cutting all the way through.


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Aikido Ken Suburi

The grip should be just strong enough to resist someone pulling the sword straight out. I’m sure there are many things you can “do”, however I find the subuir control aspect of it more workable. Let the sword coast for a small bit. For questions and comments about this website: Find More Posts by MikeE.

Suburi – Wikipedia

Find More Posts by Andy. Maybe I am, but at least, I have an answer that is reinforced by the teachings of more than one aikido teacher with over thirty years in aikido, and a couple of shihan, from various seminars and lessons. Better than whining and crying all the time.

Well, after examining my own method, the only concrete thing I could come up with was this: Does anyone have a good tip or, even better, a good exercise to improve my suburi? There is almost “no strength” involved in this process. Well, when you cast a fishing rod to send out the line so the hook will go into the water, do you cast it to the ground to go out into the water?

Just as you remove an axe from a stump, you would use your body to raise and remove, or use your body with a bokken to carry the energy. There is a mental attitude that goes along with the physical manifestation of bringing the swing of a the bokken to an appropriate end, but there is also a simple physical exercise that allows it to happen. Once that happened it felt like it was part of me and easy to control.

Find More Posts by beaneater. You need more time Try the rocking chair exercize. If you step forward while swinging a bokken, back foot should move on and stop with your bokken. Find More Posts by asiawide. Find More Posts by rachmass. Any exercise that strengthens your forearms will help. He would say,” Ooooh, if I dood it I get a whippin’ Find More Posts by Hanna B.


Bokken suburi “problems” Hi! But when my sensei does it, even with lots of speed, he always manages to stop it without it “shaking” at all.

Patrik Eng Ta Kung wrote: If you think that was arrogant and condescending, get on my bad side and find out how bad I can really be? Don’t think about this whole the time. Here’s the short version. Bokken suburi “problems” Quote: As Jun already noted – bokken the Bokken’s tip as your guide. I bring it up again ’cause it’s a fundamental difference from the common thought was mine.

Of course, if you try sword cutting techniques like Toyama-ryu, you will find out that aikido subori is completely different.

Pay attention to your hand motion, as the wrists do most of the casting even though the arms are moving to accomondate the final destination of the strike, you still need to add more body control, less arm control.

Eventually, you will see the pivot motion contained in the left hand, and the casting motion contained vokken the right hand.

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