Laurence Gardner, Prior of the Celtic Church’s Sacred Kindred of St . as much champions of the Holy Grail as were King Arthur, Sir Lancelot and Galahad. The Illustrated Bloodline of the Holy Grail has ratings and 9 reviews. Ginny said: This book is very dry Laurence Gardner. · Rating details · ratings . Bloodline of the Holy Grail has ratings and 33 reviews. has been a hot topic during the last decade, and Gardner only offers a few original morsels. Very interesting, held my attention, but Sir Laurence would like us to believe that .

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It was the item which dealt with the raising of Lazarus. Very interesting, held my attention, but Sir Laurence gradner like us to believe that European royalty descended from Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

Bloodline of the Holy Grail: The Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed

So, although eminently poetic, the language of the Authorized English Bible is quite unlike that ever spoken by anyone in England or anywhere else but, from this approved canonical interpretation, all other English-language Bibles have emerged in their various forms.

It is actually quite surprising how many ambiguous words were brought back into use to facilitate political correctness for the King James Bible while, at the same time, William Shakespeare was doing likewise in his plays. It tells so much more then just the Jesus lineage, because you also learn in which surroundings Christianity was born, and how to interpret the Bible’s fantastic stories with every-day Jewish tradition and symbolism.

The book even more so, is about the lineage of Jesus, and follows the footsteps of Joseph of Aramathea, who is actually thought to be James, Jesus’ brother.

The Illustrated Bloodline of the Holy Grail: Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed by Laurence Gardner

Refresh and try again. Sep 30, J. Hence, she is the guardian of the sacred Bloodline of the Holy Grail. Byy can also consider graphic designs dating back well beyond the Dark Ages to about BC and, in doing this, we discover that a chalice or a cup was the longest-standing symbol of the female.


Certain of them, including the Gospels mentioned, along with the Gospel of Truththe Gospel of the Egyptians and others, were actually mentioned in the 2nd-century writings of early churchmen such as Clement of BllodlineIrenaeus of Lyon and Origen of Alexandria.

The account even had Lazarus and Jesus calling to each other before the tomb was opened. As the years progress, it is evident that scientific and medical discovery must overturn much of the medieval religious dogma that has persisted to modern times. More and more people are searching for the original, uncluttered roots of their faith and for their purpose in society. Sep 04, RumBelle rated it liked it. In this respect, we discover that just as with the Nativity story a good deal of relevant content has been misrepresented, misunderstood, mistranslated, or simply just lost in the telling.

Many have suggested that the wedding at Cana was the marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene – but this was not the wedding ceremony as such, being simply the pre-marital betrothal feast.

Sir Laurence Gardner has been granted privileged access to European Sovereign and Nobel archives, along with favored insight into chivalric and Church repositories. Dynastic heirs such as Jesus were expressly required to perpetuate their lines. This much misunderstood New Testament book is not a foreboding or a warning as the fearful Church would have us believe.

In reality, what sort of parents would wander for a whole day in the desert, without knowing their twelve-year-old son was not with them? The introductory chapters of this book should be read by anyone who perceives the Bible as literal truth.

In the Arab world, the word used to describe Jesus and his followers is nazara.


During this period of deteriorating health, Laurence relinquished all work other than the completion of these two books. It is for this reason that the stories of Arthur and Joseph of Arimathea are so closely entwined in the Grail romances.

Gardner was also an artistic painter, working alone and with Canadian artist Peter Robson. It is perpetuated through family and lineage.

Laurence Gardner – Wikipedia

But there is, nevertheless, a significant element that prefers to retain the old dogma – creating a modern schism in the very structure of the Church itself. It was at that time that Grail lore was itself denounced as a heresy by the Vatican.

Matthew was, of course, an apostle, as was John – but Mark was not fo apostle of Jesus as far yrail we know; neither was Luke; they were both colleagues of the later St Paul.

Open Preview See a Problem? It was this that bothered the Church: But Jesusalong with his brother James and the majority of hoky, continued the Nazarene teachings, progressing them into Europe, where they were associated with the Celtic Church. Oaurence can uncover many hidden meanings in the Gospelsto the extent that the miracles themselves take on a whole new context. This is actually upheld in the Roman annals. We can now determine from chronological survey that the Crucifixion took place at the March Passover of AD 33, while the Bethany second marriage anointing was in the week prior to that.

And behold, a great red dragonhaving seven heads and seven crowns stood before the woman for to devour her child.

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