Marketing Mix of Bisleri analyses the brand/company which covers 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) and explains the Bisleri marketing strategy. The article. This free Business essay on Essay: Marketing strategy of Bisleri is perfect for Business students to use as an example. Retailers those are selling Bisleri brand of bottle water is 50%.4 POP The charge of Bisleri water, MARKETINGSTRATEGY MARKETING.

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Bisleri Marketing Strategies

Hence corporate world is opting packaged water rather then non — packaged one. Teenagerscollege students and 1 litre Rs. However, the real boost to mineral water came marketiing the early-to-mids when it switched to PVC packaging and later to PET bottles. In Bisleri, there are 5 types of customer markets. Along with the first ever SKU-led communication this campaign also marks the maiden foray of the brand in the digital space.

The main objective behind this campaign was to focus on the ml size bottle which serves consumer as a personal pack. Changing pictures of future give marketers of Bisleri, plenty to think about. The companies are not associated with MBASkool in any way. The fifth question aims at generating information about the various sources of funds of the societies. Quality is also the one straetgy the factor but organizations are not ready to compromise over the price, they want quality but at the minimum price.

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This is an opportunity to capture markets where quality is top priority. Broad marketing logic Outlines the broad marketing logic by which the business unit hopes to achieve its marketing objectives and the specifics of target markets, positioning and marketing expenditure levels. Companies also need an abundance of information on competitors, resellers, and other actors and forces in blsleri market place because for a co. Foul language Slanderous Inciting hatred against a certain community Others.

Higher pH of Vedica helps in acid neutralization and detoxification. I tried my level best to conduct a research to gain a through knowledge about stratety project in the topic “Marketing Strategies of Bisleri. The answer is that customers choose the marketing offer that their believe will give them the most value. The ninth question is meant to gather information about the people who are instrumental in advising and putting to action the investment plans for the society.


Leads for any new opportunity are very important for it to turn out a profitable venture. It likewise has 1 lt.

Frequently there may be a chain strwtegy intermediaries, each passing the product down the chain to the next organization, before it finally reaches the consumer or enduser. It assesses the marketing environment, marketing strategy, marketing 45 organization, marketing systems, marketing mix, and marketing productivity and profitability.

We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents. Less availability of potential respondents i. But that is not enough — we need to keep looking for different avenues. Marketing strategy of Bisleri. Without water, there would be no life, in any event not in the way we know it. The twelfth question tries to assess what is it exactly that the societies look for, while investing. The names and other brand information used in the Marketing Mix section are properties of their respective companies.

As he says almost 76 per cent of consumption of bottled drinking water happens in transit. They also look for security: The marketing audit is a comprehensive, systematic, independent, and periodic examination of a cos. Bisleri vision is making clean and affordable drinking water available to people.

About this resource This Business essay was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. Advertising also contributes to water sales in developing countries. The bulk segment also helped bring down the price per litre from Rs a litre to about Rs 3 a litre.

In Bisleri, the key to building lasting relationships is the creation of superior customer value and satisfaction.

Essay: Marketing strategy of Bisleri – Essay UK Free Essay Database

BIS cancels Bisleri’s license of water bottling in Delhi since some of the bottles did not carry ISI label; the license is restored one-and-a-half months later. In India, Aquafina, manufactured by PepsiCo. Taking the message of ‘don’t share’ and acknowledging people who get their own bottle, twitter handles Shabaash and dontshare were planted. Sources of Data Collection: The size of the sample should be neither is excessively large, nor too small.


Costumer relationship strategy 3. Culture, indeed, is a very important factor for marketers because people grow up in a particular society that shapes their basic beliefs and values and defines their relationships with the co. Targets for srtategy, for fortnights can be set for different routes and contests can be organized between salesmen.

Soon customers were ordering bottled water on special occasions. In order to produce superior value and satisfaction for customers, companies need information at almost every turn. Soft drink sales are in glass bottles and the distribution model is built around picking up empty bottles and getting them back to the factory. Shares Shraddha Waikar Nathani, marketing head, Bisleri International, “We started on digital with a teaser campaign followed by a pre-launch of the films on YouTube and Facebook.

It is available in retail stores, restaurants, movie theaters, school-college canteens. Ice box is compact light weight icebox made of durable plastic for domestic and commercial utility.

Marketing Strategies of Bisleri Project Report : MBA Projects, BBA Project Reports

In each of these, the point is that one should buy their own bottle of water and not share or “kiss” somebody else’s drink. Last but not the least bisleri should try to reframe its strategies and should adopt a low price strategy to achieve a leading position once again. Bisleri has also realized that losing a customer means losing more than a single sale. Introduces the litre container to bring prices down from Rs 10 a litre to Rs 2 a litre.

The non-food supporting products of Bisleri are charged higher than the comparable products in the market; price of Stand and faucet is Rs.

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