BioScope Resolve. The Most Advanced AFM for Life Science Research. Andrea Slade, PhD. Senior Life Sciences Applications Scientist. JSPM Instructional Manual · SPM Training Manual – Bioscope II · SPM Training Manual – Multimode · User Manual for Electrostatic Force Microscopy. Magnetic Force Microscopy, and this manual is designed to serve as a supplement to All SPM Lab users must log on to the Bioscope II first in order to turn the.

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To ensure proper functioning of the vacuum system, review the following: It does this by moving the piezo in Z to keep the SPM’s output on track with the setpoint reference. Please contact Digital Instruments for any questions not covered in this manual.

When placing the substrates on the tape, be careful that the cantilevers are on the top side of the substrate. Wall angle measurements are best measured in open areas for these reasons. Complete the following steps to calculate the sensitivity: Thus, requesting a Setpoint of 0.

Bioscope Manual for SWI

Regardless of the size of the scan, the entire scan is shown in the force curve; therefore, increasing the value of this parameter has the effect of compressing the curve on the display. Therefore, the feedback system will be slow in responding to the error created by going off of the step. Note that this will result in an image that shows only large transitions in Z; mmanual is normal.

Advantages include negligible surface impacts, high resolution and sensing of magnetic, electric and chemical forces. The parameter In sensitivity should be set to 0. Handling the strip by its ends, place it on a glass slide taped down to the edge of a table with the substrate or spacer piece to be removed, hanging over the edge, as shown in Figure 4. Without a thorough understanding of principles associated with cantilever resonating techniques, distorted data may be generated.


Baseplate Slider Even Spacing Figure 3. Thus, the operator must bjoscope more cautious while setting up the tip and sample.

Transparent Samples For transparent samples, do the following: In biioscope mode, the feedback loop adjusts the position of the piezoelectric tube that moves the cantilever support to keep the cantilever amplitude constant. A simple feedback loop emerges in this analogy: Go to the upper menu bar selection and click on Motor, followed by Engage or click on the Engage icon. In these instances, LookAhead gain should be minimized or turned off.

BioScope™ Instruction Manual |

Introduction Installation Clean sample holder Carefully clean the surface of the vacuum sample holder. The damping of the cantilever is held constant by moving the tip in Z as it is simultaneously translated in X and Y.

Both cantilever lengths are available with wide legs and narrow legs; however, thickness of both cantilevers is the same.

The Data type parameter in the Channel control panels selects the type of data that is collected by the system. This is represented by point 6 on the example curve. Other terms and abbreviations are referenced in the Index at the back of this manual. SPMs are capable of displaying either the input differenceor output correction applied to the Z-axis piezo.


The detector adjustment knobs are at the left side of the head Figure 5. Set this parameter to a small value before engaging to avoid possibly striking the surface and harming the tip. Extra substrates are easily stored in a covered petri dish.

It is formed in such a manner that the radius of curvature of a silicon tip can be in the range of 5—10 nm manuzl a very good tip. Decreasing the value of this parameter shifts the force curve on the display to the left, while increasing the parameter shifts the curve to the right.

The Offset subcommand shifts the plot by setting the center frequency equal to the cursor position. Force Calibration Z Waveform As a result of the applied voltage, the cantilever tip is moved up and down relative to the stationary sample as shown in Figure 6. Repeat this process until as many cantilever substrates as required have been removed. Failing to engage the mnual clamp will cause a large increase in image vioscope due to reduced rigidity of the mechanical support of the SPM head.

Although this may prove unproblematic on harder samples, it is frequently enough to deform biocsope samples. In this example, electron activity describes a zone several angstroms wide.

Unfortunately, if the integral gain is set too high, there is a tendency to overshoot the setpoint.

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