Technical Seminar on Bi-cmos Technology. In BiCMOS technology, both the MOS and bipolar device are fabricated on the same chip. CONTENTS Introduction Abstract Characteristics of CMOS Technology Characteristics of Bipolar Technology Combine advantages in BiCMOS Technology. Explore BiCMOS Technology with Free Download of Seminar Report and PPT in PDF and DOC Format. Also Explore the Seminar Topics.

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Examples of analog or mixed-signal Semjnar devices include analog modems; broadband wired digital communication chips, such as DSL and cable modems; Wireless telephone chips that combine voice band codes with base band modulation fechnology demodulation function; and ICs that function as the complete read channel for disc drives.

Download your Full Reports for Bicmos Technology Complementary MOS offers an inverter with near-perfect characteristics such as high, symmetrical noise margins, high input and low output impedance, high gain in the transition region, high packing density, and low power dissipation. Over the last decade, the integration of analog circuit blocks is an increasingly common feature of SOC development, motivated by the desire to shrink the number of chips and passives on a PC board.

Q 2 acts as an emitter-follower, so that Vout rises to VDD? Large-scale microcomputer systems with integrated peripherals, the complete digital processor of cellular phone, and the switching system for a wire-line data-communication system are some of the many applications of digital SOC systems.

An attentive reader may notice the similarity between this structure and the TTL gate, described in the addendum on bipolar design. Discussing one is sufficient to illustrate the basic concept and properties of the gate. The impedances Z 1 and Z 2 are technolohy to remove the base charge of the bipolar transistors when they are being turned off.


BICMOS Technology Seminar PPT and PDF Report

Noise issues from digital electronics can also limit the practicality of forming an SOC with high-precision analog or RF circuits. We first discuss the gate in technologt and then provide a more detailed discussion of the steady-state and transient characteristics, and the power consumption.

Download your Full Reports for Bicmos Technology. For Vin high, M 1 is on. In the BiCMOS structure, the input stage and the phase-splitter are implemented in MOS, which results in a better performance gicmos higher input impedance.

Bicmos Technology Full Seminar Report, abstract and Presentation download

It comes at the expense of an increased collector-substrate capacitance. This technology opens a wealth of new opportunities, because it is now possible to combine the high-density integration of MOS logic with the current-driving capabilities of bipolar transistors. Consider for instance the circuit of Figure 0.

A system that requires power-supply voltages greater than 3. Added process steps may be required to achieve characteristics for resistors and capacitors suitable for high-performance analog circuits. In steady-state operation, Q 1 and Q 2 are never on simultaneously, keeping the power consumption low.

Its resistivity is chosen so that it can support both devices. For instance, during a high-to-low transition on the input, M 1 turns off first.

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This happens through Z 1. Are you interested in any one of this Seminar, Project Topics.

Latest Seminar Topics for Engineering Students. Various schemes have been proposed to get around this problem, resulting in gates with logic swings equal to the supply voltage at the expense of increased complexity.


However, this is achieved at a price. A low Vinon the other hand, causes M 2 and Q 2 to turn on, while M 1 and Q 1 are sekinar the offstate, resulting in a high output level.

A k-gate ECL circuit, for instance, consumes 60 W for a signal swing of 0.

The history of semiconductor devices starts in ‘s when Lienfed and Heil first proposed the mosfet. Most of the techniques used bicnos this section are similar to those used for CMOS and ECL gates, so we will keep the analysis short semonar leave the detailed derivations as an exercise.

This, in turn, reduces system size and cost and improves reliability by requiring fewer components to be mounted on a PC board. Built-in self-test functions of the analog block are also possible through the use of on-chip digital processors.

Consider the high level.

BICMOS Technology – Mobikida

For similar fanouts and a comparable technology, the propagation delay is about two to five times smaller than for the Texhnology gate. The concept of system-on-chip SOC has evolved as the number of gates available to a designer has increased and as CMOS technology has migrated from a minimum feature size of several microns to close to 0.

The result is a low output voltage. A single n -epitaxial layer is used to implement both the PMOS transistors and bipolar npn transistors.

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