Editorial Reviews. Review. “Mr. Bernays was one of the first people to expand what had been a narrow concept of press agentry, or working to influence. When Crystallizing Public Opinion was written in , it became the first book- length discussion of the scope and function of professional public relations and of . Books by EDWARD L. BERN AYS CRYSTALLIZING PUBLIC OPINION () AN OUTLINE OF CAREERS () {Edited and contributed to) PROPAGANDA.

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Here is a quote from the introduction about Bernays: Pulpits throughout the country supported the peace cause. Most of the book made little sense, and after you read the first 20 pages opunion can put the book down because the rest just keeps repeating itself.

In the same way, by War’s end, leaders in other fields saw the profession as a powerful force operating to help advance organizations of all kinds. In the same way, the great corporation which is in danger of having its profits taxed away or its sales fall off or its freedom impeded by legislative action must have recourse to the public to combat suc- cessfully these menaces.

Renaissance leaders paid close attention to the -public point of view. This does not include many individuals on fed- eral payrolls, for in many cases the governmental departments, in order to avoid public accusation that they are propagandizing, call their public relations and public pubic employees by other names. The public relations counsel prepared a statement of this op- portunity for employment in Kansas and dis- tributed it to the public through the newspapers throughout the country.

Crystallizing Public Opinion is lpinion the art and science of Public Relations. The Depression which followed this period put busi- ness into the dog house for a long time.

Crystallizing Public Opinion by Edward L. Bernays

Thus, while an important humanitarian project was being materially assisted, the magazine In ques. By the Telephone Company, Swift, Rocke- feller and railroads, streetcar companies and pub- lic utilities were carrying on informative publicity activities.

Enactment of a budget obviously meant placing puboic tax burden on the people. Simultaneous display of these citations was arranged for Bas- tile Day, July 14,by members of the Fifth Avenue Association.


The mayor of each city officially received and sent the first messages issued on commercial inter-city radio waves.

Mere de- nial, of course, no matter how vigorous or how widely disseminated, would accomplish crhstallizing. For example, a hotel wishing to demonstrate its prominence can hold a public celebration with carefully chosen guests — including “a leading banker, a society woman, a prominent lawyer, an influential opinikn, and so forth until a cross section of the city’s most telling activities is mirrored in the committee.

The public relations counsel who was consulted and asked to remedy the situation, made an extensive analysis.

Why does the free trader denounce protectionism, and vice versa? An index of the value placed on their serv- ices by the companies which opimion them is indicated by their salaries.

The answers from these leading men of the country were collated, analyzed, and the re- sulting abstract furnished gratuitously to news- papers, magazines ano!

Laura rated it really liked it Dec 29, The most obvious of these forces are parental influence, the school -room, the press, motion pictures, advertising, maga- zines, lectures, the church, the radio.

First of all, there are the circumstances and events he helps to create. But the emphasis seemed to be much more on getting attention for the organization, the product or the service, than on adjustment to public demand. Jul 31, Pojar Adrian rated it liked it.

Crystallizing Public Opinion

Any man can tell you crystalllizing more or less accuracy and clearness his own reactions on any particular issue. The actual cases which I have cited were selected be- cause they explain the application of the theories to practice. Bernays writes that a counsel on public relations does not merely purvey news but crystallozing it. It became part of the program of municipal research leagues in principal cities, and it furnished the basis of a movement for wide governmental control.

Crystallizing Public Opinion – Wikipedia

Propaganda and public relations be- came interchangeable terms in this period. Steve Killian rated it really liked it Jun 09, To the average person, this profession is still unexplained, both in its operation and actual accomplishment.


Yet many businessmen, and the public as well, still lack real understanding of the nature and function of the profession. They were the “shirt stufrers” of their day and they and their clients were often held up to public ridicule. Credit should be given to Stuart Ewen for writing such a good fitting introduction to the book: On the whole, observers of this period feel that re- formers placed their greatest faith in the unaided curative powers of publicity.

This edition has an Introduction by Stuart Ewen that includes an exclusive interview with Bernays in Thirty-seven volun- tary associations of professional public relations practitioners in 24 countries, including the United States, evidence this diffusion.

University demonstrated a ris- ing interest in the new profession by asking me to offer the first course in Public Relations given at an American university. On the one hand, a complex environment of which only small, disconnected portions are available to different persons ; on the other hand, the great and increas- ing importance either of making one’s case acces- sible to the public mind or of determining whether that case will impinge favorably or unfavorably upon the public mind — these two conditions, taken together, have resulted inevitably in the public relations counsel.

This is exactly what happened. Another is advised to change the facade of his building to conform to a certain public taste. They stated their opinion that the “American” Valuation Plan, as it was called, would endanger the prosperity of the country, that it would be inimical to our foreign relations and that it would injure the welfare of every country with, whom our com- mercial and industrial ties were at all close.

The book is about directing public opinion in a positive way using the means available.

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