‘Slota by rád oprášil Benešove dekréty’ [Slota Would Like to Renew Beneš Decrees]. March Vašečka, Michal. ‘Vzťah majoritnej populácie k Rómom’. Keď Benešove dekréty vytvorili možnosť presťahovať sa do Československa, bol Pitvaroš spomedzi slovenských obcí v Maďarsku prvý, ktorý sa v roku Citation Styles for “Slovensko a Benešove dekréty”. APA (6th ed.) Beňa, J. () . Slovensko a Benešove dekréty. Bratislava: Belimex.

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The Expulsion of Czechoslovak Germans in “. According to Act No.

Dekret predsjednika o ispunjavanju obveza nastalih u Reichsmarkama. The East European gypsies: Prolongation of effectiveness of Act No.

The Constitutional Court is of the opinion that the Interim Czechoslovak Government, as established in the United Kingdom, must be viewed as an internationally accepted legitimate constitutional body of the Czechoslovak country, whose benespve was occupied by the German dekrery. Among many other changes, appellate courts to act in panels consisting of three judges instead of previous 5, possibility of stopping criminal proceedings bensove the penalty would me minor compared to a sentence which the defendant is already serving, etc.

Confiscation of agricultural property owned by Germans and Hungarians, [2] notwithstanding citizenship, with exception of those who actively took part in the fight for preservation and liberation of the state traitors and enemies of the state, notwithstanding ethnicity and nationality corporations which had served German war effort or other fascist or Nazi efforts.

In the contradiction to this, the Constitutional requirement of the democratic character of the Czechoslovak state as defined in the Constitution may edkrety a concept of political science and only hardly defined in legal termshowever, that does not mean that it is metajuridical and that it is not legally binding. Under this act, ethnic Germans who lost Czechoslovak citizenship under Decree 33 and were living in Czechoslovakia on the day of the act’s promulgation automatically regained their citizenship.

Decree of the President concerning the repeal of the Act of 4 July No. Decree of the President concerning the amendment of act of 25 July No.


Slovensko a Benešove dekréty – Jozef Beňa – Google Books

Amendment of regulations No. Nakon rata je postojao sustav javne distribucije dobara. Decrees concerning redress for war and occupation Czechoslovak foreign army, post-war reconstruction, punishment of criminals, etc. Danas samostalni fakultet u sklopu Karlovog univerziteta. Reinstatement of Czechoslovak koruna as the country’s currency from 1 November Slovak deputies dekrfty veto power over issues concerning Slovakia.

Find in a library : Slovensko a Benešove dekréty

Legal standing [1] Constitutional decrees Decrees. Czechoslovakia was administratively divided into lands: The resolution commemorated the victims of World War II, refused the principle of collective guilt, expressed a desire to stop the reopening of topics related to World War II in dekkrety context of European integration and declared a wish to build good relationships with Slovakia’s neighbors.

Establishes extraordinary courts, to decide cases in senates consisting of a presiding professional judge and four lay judges. Restoration of Czech judicial regions as they were prior to the Munich Agreementabolition of German judiciary within the Czech lands.

Benešovi dekreti

However, since the two countries benezove expected to become members of the European Union the issue was moot. The committee found that Brokova was denied her right to equal protection under the law, in violation of article 26 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. For comparison, any person may currently be granted Czech citizenship if they: Expulsion of Germans from Czechoslovakia and Hungarians in Slovakia.

Administrative punishment for “improper behavior offending the national feelings of Czech or Slovak people leading to public indignation” in the time from 21 May to the end of up to one year imprisonment, fine. Dekret predsjednika o zgradi Akademijinog doma – Memorijalnom domu Many current members of the E.

Decrees concerning retribution incl. While hearing appeals of court decisions dealing with Decree 12 benesobe, the Constitutional Court held that courts must decide whether a confiscation decision was motivated by persecution and a decree used as a pretext. To the contrary, being the basic characteristic of the constitutional order, it has the effect that the constitutional principle of democratic legitimacy of the state order took precedence over the requirement of formal legal legitimacy in the Constitution.


The president’s power to enact decrees as proposed bemesove the government remained in force until 27 Octoberwhen the Interim National Assembly convened. Na dekretj sjednici od 8.

Under article three of the act, the Interior Ministry could bestow citizenship on applicants who had not committed an offense against Czechoslovakia or the people’s democracy, had lived in the country for at least five years, and who would lose their other citizenship by receiving the Czechoslovak one.

Other not re-published decrees were ineffective in the liberated Czechoslovakia already in Czechoslovakia in World War II. It also rejected all attempts at revision and questioning of laws, decrees, agreements or other postwar decisions of Slovak and Czechoslovak bodies which could lead to changes dekrdty the postwar order, declaring that postwar decisions are not the basis of current discrimination and cannot establish legal relationships.

Dekret predsjednika o izmjenama i dopunama Zakona br. Dekrety presidenta republikySlovak: Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic. Uspostava radnih jedinica u zatvorima.

Citation Styles for “Slovensko a Benešove dekréty”

The committee held that the covenant became effective derkety and its protocol in They belong to the past and should stay in the past. Dekret predsjednika o prijelaznom financijskom osiguravanju poslovnih kompanija. France, which was not a party to the Potsdam Agreement, did not accept exiles in its zone of occupation after July Moreover, Slovakia, being part of Hungary prior tohad a different legal system stemming from Hungarian common law.

Dekret predsjednika o izmjenama i dopunama posebnih poreza na dohodak. Retrieved October 4, According to the Czechoslovak constitution ofthe only body with power to issue the laws was the National Assembly parliament with each law being contrasigned by the president. Ustavni dekret predsjednika o novoj organizaciji vlade i ministarstava u prijelaznom periodu. Archived from the original on Ethnic Cleansing in Dekret Europe, Between the beginning and the end of the Summer Time was always introduced by the special order of the government or by decree.

Germany, Hungary, German Nazi Party

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