Behringer’s new U-Control UMX61 is a Midi/USB controller keyboard and if you’ re in the market for a controller keyboard, the UMX61 is a cost. The UMX61 from Behringer is a velocity sensitive key USB/MIDI keyboard controller, that can function within a computer based audio set-up, or stand-alone . It has the essential features like volume control, pan knob, etc. It’s pretty cool for a cheap MIDI Controller. UTILIZATION Yes to all questions! – Behringer did a.

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User reviews: Behringer U-Control UMX61 – Audiofanzine

Our members also liked: Sort by most recent most useful. It has the essential features like volume control, pan knob, etc.

No complicated installation required. The price is okay, it could be cheaper, for the fact that its so simple, but it’s “okay”.

I don’t think i would make the same choice. Did you find this review helpful? I was looking for a keyboard with a few basic matre assignable buttons and knobs and modulation PB, USB without external power supply, portable, I’m used to playing on a Yamaha SY85 and wanted a touch of the same style.

Ca did not see or touch with a synth lightweight or with a touch piano, a piano when strong support lnergie is returned to the level of hammers because there linertie, here this is not the case, as the springs are stiff lnergie is absorbed and there intr t have the finger muscles!


I am not too Attard or on the configuration or on the record that is otherwise Reduces a bare minimum.

Jai Turn the keyboard to the dealer rather rappidement I havent russi install the drivers provided Asius with XP standard and Reason 1. USB sound card that came with the keyboard. The report quality price would be good if the keyboard ntait not as hard.

I behinger not have that choice would do. By the way I want to salute for their backing because they srieux drawback Mount the product without any difficulty.

And I havent Drafting Committee at home I swear. I bought this keyboard because it silent much cheaper than a parlor organ keyboard dynamics.

Unfortunately, the machine comes without instructions other than a minimal description of the buttons is to say for a novice, nothing without installation CD and with a BMD Live4. I would have wanted to go home Mistergooddeal but APRS several emails asking how to return from a receipt, I board had no rponse.

Classic ultimately there just right. Note that it also comes with a lot of small software and virtual instruments that allow us to play right away the quality is not forcment the appointment but at least allows to test. This is the point that surprised me most, I am a regular music stores so I often fiddle with keyboards, touch is excellent for the price, semi-weighted keys is really very s good not the best but do not go too far for most prparer must add euros The config is very simple, provided one does not shuffled brushes, you plug the keyboard, it is automatically recognized as a USB audio controller it can be recognized as UMX61 by installing the driver but nothing obliges you install it – iteven if it is connected via USB, you have to set the MIDI In and MIDI Out of your software eg I use string: Anyway not need to be an expert by following these instructions you plug it plays.


Personally I do not use these functions, the manual explains that part of the well but if your like me and you just want a nice piano to play with your computer you will may be no need for these functions.

I will correct later if I use it. I did not buy Without being a touch heavy, largely surpassed all other keyboards bolsters 6 or 7 exposs ct be the possible exception of M-Audio Oxygen with which it competes with no problem my.

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