There are periods in which the beauty salon is completely empty. This happens when all the guests die in a short span of time and newly. Mario Bellatin, Author, Kurt Hollander, Translator, trans. from the Formerly a stylist in a beauty salon in an unnamed city, the narrator. Beauty Salon. By: Mario Bellatin April 14, A few years ago my interest in aquariums led me to decorate my beauty salon with colored fish. Now that the.

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The victims of the attacks were treated beautu contempt when they were brought into the hospitals. As the disease ravages the city, leaving its victims to die alone saon a society than shuns them, at risk of attack from the predatory Goat Killer Gang, the Terminal offers precious refuge.

The narrator needs them for some reason, although this reason—clearly related to the ideal of beauty as the narrator sees it—is hard to define.

When a mysterious and incurable disease devastates an unnamed city, a lone transvestite hairdresser finds himself in the unlikely position of caregiver. It did not marii 5 stars because it was not an uplifting book.

My nose hardly registers the smell anymore and I only notice it from the looks of disgust visitors make as soon as they step into the besuty. The two young women working there were always assembling giant jigsaw puzzles. After a few days of living together I manage to impose the appropriate atmosphere.

Once again I had to get the glove I used to dye hair. In addition to these actions, we have a spotty account from the narrator of his own life as a homosexual man who occasionally wore women’s clothing while out late looking for encounters or simply just in his beauty salon. The narrator prepares his guests for death, and finally he too finds the developing signs and symptoms of the disease. He spent two years studying theology at the seminary Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo and graduated from the University of Lima.


Seriously, after reading that, how can you not want to see what else comes from this man’s imagination? But an unnamed plague is in his city.

Beauty Salon by Mario Bellatin–Some Thoughts | CR

Please try again later. I made up my mind…that if there was no other option the best thing was a quick death under the most comfortable conditions I could offer the sick person. I understand that the original writing was gorgeous. Which is why I began to help wounded comrades bellxtin had nowhere to go, and perhaps that is the beginning of this sad Terminal I have the misfortune of running.

As soon as I left the tank, though, the axolotls attacked and devoured the garbage fish.

Mario Bellatin: Enigma of Beauty

I felt revitalized by the thick water, by the oxygen bubbling up from the pumps, by the jungle of underwater plants. Let us know what you have to say: And then there are the fish! It could have been a gold belt, gloves or stockings. The effect is distinctly cinematic: He allows the imperfections of the human world to intrude upon his musings on the fish.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Where literature and art intersect, with an emphasis on W. At one point I grew bored of having only guppies and golden carp. Beauty Salon is a page novella by the Mexican experimental novelist Mario Bellatin, a deeply unsettling account of a man watching others die in the midst of a unknown illness affecting a city, vision clouded by the murky waters of aquariums and self-isolation.


The place looked like the bathroom of a soccer stadium I went to once with an amateur soccer player. Explore the Home Gift Bellstin. I just ordered Lecciones para una liebre muerta… to get a feel for his writing.

Despite his insistent focus on his precious fish, despite everything he says, we see what he has done, and his actions belie his words.

We drift through the inevitable. The mother died a few days later for no apparent reason. He also showed me a certain ebllatin of affection. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

: Beauty Salon (): Mario Bellatin, Kurt Hollander: Books

I covered my genitals with one towel and hung the other one over my shoulder. Mi gusto, criado entre comidas y arte alejados del refinamiento, disfruta de cosas simples, directas, sabrosas y contundentes. They lurk behind cloudy green glass, forgotten by those who should care for them and watch over them. Originally published in but recently translated from the Spanish by Kurt Hollander, I feel this disquieting novella is destined to haunt—and ultimately inspire—any reader who dares allow himself to reflect upon its deeper lessons.

The sick and dying are merely escorted to the grave, while the fish are cared for in ways particular to their special needs. He often traveled abroad.

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