Source: James I. Basilikon Doron or His Majesties Instrvctions To His Dearest Sonne, Henry the Prince. [Edinburgh , 7 copies only; Edinburgh, London (2 . Basilikon doron* (), a manual on the practice of kingship, was written by James I and VI for his eldest son, Prince Henry [1]. Though less polemical in tone . Basilikon Doron has 11 ratings and 2 reviews. Benjamin said: Fantastic resource, especially for those who want an alternative to Machiavelli’s The Princ.

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First of all consider, that Mariage is the greatest earthly felicitie or miserie, that can come to a man, according as it pleaseth God to blesse or curse the same.

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But because no man was able to keepe the Law, nor any part thereof, it pleased God of his infinite wisedome and goodnesse, to incarnate his only Sonne in our nature, for satisfaction of his iustice in his suffering for vs; that since we could not be saued by doing, we might at least, bee saued by beleeuing.

Alex Danicel marked it as to-read Dec 28, And likewise, by the law-burrowes in our lawes, men are prohibited vnder great pecuniall paines, from any wayes inuading or molesting their neighbours person or bounds: The ground therefore of the word of grace, is contained in the foure histories of the birth, life, death, resurrection and ascention of Christ: For how can they loue you, that hated them whom-of ye are come?

The treatise is divided into three sets of guidelines: For the people that see you not within, cannot iudge of you, but according to the outward appearance of your actions and companie, which onely is subiect to their sight: Ye are the head, she is your body.

Then though too late shall he finde that beautie without bountie, wealth without wisdome, and great friendship without grace and honestie; are but faire shewes, and the deceitfull masques of infinite miseries.

As for the inheritance, to ensure stability the kingdom should dorn left to the eldest son, and not divided among all the children. But when ye reade the Scripture, reade it with a sanctified and basilikn heart: For by them that had the command where I was brought vp, were my seruants put vnto mee; not choosing them that were meetest to serue me, but whom they thought meetest to serue their odron about me, basilikln kythed well in basjlikon of them at the first rebellion raised against mee, which compelled mee to make a great alteration among my seruants.

To conclude then, I charge you, as euer yee thinks to deserue my Fatherly blessing, to follow and put in practise, as farre as lyeth in you, the precepts hereafter following. Which may easily be done betwixt these two nations, being both but one Ile of Britaine, and alreadie ioyned in vnitie of Religion and language.


Poitical Basllikon of James I. I thanke God, I was neuer ashamed to giue account of my profession, howsoeuer the malicious lying tongues of some haue traduced me: BASILIKON DORON [Basil] their seruants and dependers in any wrong, although they be not answerable to the lawes for any body will maintaine his man in a right cause and for anie displeasure, at they apprehend to be done vnto them by their neighbour, to take vp a plaine feide against him; and without respect to God, King, or commonweale to bang it out brauely, hee and all his kinne, against him and all his: Blasius Basillkon marked it as to-read Oct 10, And because I know not but God may call me, before ye be readie for Mariage; I will shortly set downe to you heere my aduice therein.

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Basilikon Doron | work by James I |

The bible itself, as a religious work, is attributed to Anonymous as the primary author. Xizu Suner rated it really liked it Aug 10, If God send you succession, be carefull for their vertuous education: Cairo Hopewell marked it as to-read Nov 14, It is your office to command, and hers to obey, but yet with such a sweet harmony as she should be as ready to obey, as ye to command; as willing to follow, as ye to go before; your love being wholly knit unto her, and an her affections lovingly bent to follow your will.

Thinke not therefore, that the highnesse of your dignitie, diminisheth your faults much lesse giueth you a licence to sinne but by the contrary your fault shall be aggrauated, according to the height of your dignitie; any sinne that ye commit, not being a single sinne procuring but the fall of one; but being an exemplare sinne, and therefore drawing with it the whole multitude to be guiltie of the same.

About this text Title: Therefore, not onely in all your affections and passions, but euen in your most vertuous actions, make euer moderation to be the chiefe ruler: Trivia About Basilikon Doron.

Basilikon Doron

Would ye see how good men are rewarded, and wicked punished? BVT as ye are clothed with two callings, voron must ye be alike careful for the discharge of them both: Rebecca Adi marked it as to-read Aug 06, If you are puzzled by the spelling of a word, try these remedies. For my Booke, suppose very small, being diuided in three seuerall parts; the first Part thereof onely treats of a Kings duety towards God in Religion, wherein I haue so clearely made profession of my Religion, calling it the Religion wherein I was brought vp, and euer made profession of, and wishing him euer to continue in the same, as the onely trew forme of Gods worship; that I would haue thought my sincere plainnesse in that voron part vpon that subiect, should haue ditted the mouth of the most enuious Momus, that euer hell did hatch, from barking at any other part of my booke vpon that ground, except they would alledge me to be contrarie to my selfe, which in so small a volume would smell of too great weakenesse, and sliprinesse of memory.


Basillikon beauty increaseth your love to your wife, contenting you the better with her, without caring for others; and riches and great alliance do both make her the abler to be a helper unto you. And as your company should be a paterne to the rest of the people, so should your person be a lampe and mirrour to your company: They buy for vs the worst wares, and sell them at the dearest prices: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Neither also Marie one of knowne euill conditions, or vicious education: However, she must not meddle with government politics, but perform her domestic duties.

For the Basjlikon, I basioikon now spoken of it in generall, but that yee may the more readily make choice of any part thereof, for your instruction or comfort, remember shortly this methode.

It can no wayes become me to pronounce so lightly a sentence, in so old a controuersie. That the loue I beare to my Sonne, hath mooued me to be so plaine in this argument: In addition, this treatise is a useful reminder of how James I viewed his relationship with his family and his subjects, both of whom are directed to view James I as their royal father.

And although I know, fornication is thought but a light and veniall sinne, by the most part of the world, yet remember well what I said to a you in my first Booke anent conscience, and count euery sinne and breach of Gods law, not according as the vaine world esteemeth of it, but as God the Iudge and maker of the lawe accounteth of the same.

But in this matter I haue no delite to be large, wishing all men to iudge of my future proiects, according to my by-past actions.

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