traveling inbond? Limit comment section to characters. Bill of Lading Comments Comments entered into this section will only print on the Bill Of Lading . All shipments tendered to Averitt are subject to the terms and conditions of the National Motor Freight Classification (“NMFC”) Uniform Domestic Bill of Lading as. This website stores cookies on your computer. These cookies are used to collect information about how you interact with our website and allow us to remember.

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AVRT includes Averitt’s general and terminal services rules and charges including, but in no way limited to, accessorial charges, fuel oading, and liability limitations. Operating Authority – Common Permit – Verification of authority to engage in transportation as a common carrier as granted by the Interstate Commerce Commission. Form W-9 – Request for taxpayer identification number and certification.

All shipments are subject to Averitt tariffs in effect on the date of the shipment as maintained at Averitt’s principal place of business in Cookeville, Tennessee.

Longest dimension is less than 8′ Longest dimension 8′ but less than 12′ Longest dimension 12′ but less than 16′ Longest dimension 16′ but less than 20′ Longest dimension 20′ but less than or equal to 24′.

Any lawsuit relating to a cargo claim filed with Averitt must be filed within two 2 two years and one 1 day of the timely filing of such cargo claim with Averitt.

Track | Averitt Express

A copy of the current Averitt maintained by Averitt at its principal place of business will be made available upon request. Freight Charges Prepaid Collect Prepaid. Principal Party in Interest. Is this shipment traveling inbond? Code a message for here. Only a company officer, the Director of Pricing and Traffic, or an appropriate designee is authorized to sign transportation contracts.


Please select ‘No’ in the COD section to make this option available. Further, Shipper agrees to indemnify Averitt for the costs of collection, including attorney’s fees and costs, in the event that Shipper fails to properly enter COD information into this system.

Create a Bill of Lading

Averitt is not liable for collection of COD shipments that are not properly entered into this electronic system. Principal Party in Interest further understands that civil and criminal penalties may be imposed for making false or fraudulent statements or for the violation of any United States laws or regulations on exportation and agrees to be bound by all statements of said agent based upon information or documentation provided by exporter to Averitt Express, Inc.

Security Plan HM Notice of Compliance – Written security plan required by the Federal government to prevent equipment and hazardous cargo from being used for purposes of terrorism.

Operating Authority – Brokerage Permit – Verification of authority to engage in operations as a broker as granted by the Interstate Commerce Commission. Operating Authority – Freight Forwarder – Verification of authority to engage in transportation as a freight forwarder as granted by the Interstate Commerce Commission. Export Power of Attorney – Legal document giving a selected partner power to sign export documents and make decisions specific to export forwarding.

When collecting COD funds, a bank certified check, cashiers check or money order will be requested. This notice supersedes and negates any claimed oral or written contract, promise, agreed upon representation, or understanding between the parties, except to the extent of any written, individual published exception to this tariff or a written contract signed by an authorized representative of Averitt.


When collecting COD funds, a customer or company check is only acceptable when oof in writing or by notation on the bol by the shipper. This option will guarantee delivery by 5: Paid by the Consignee.

Principal Party in Interest certifies that necessary and proper documentation to accurately complete the EEI or transmit the information electronically is and will be provided to Averitt Express, Inc. Confirm that you want to delete this row?

Tariff information provided on this website is subject to change without prior notice. Shipment must be available for pickup by 5: Must Deliver On or Before.

I authorized Averitt Express, Inc. All transportation charges on a shipment will be assessed on the basis of provisions legally in effect at the time of shipment and on the characteristics of the freight actually tendered to Averitt.

Request a copy of Averitt’s Certificates of Insurance – Outlines Averitt’s liability limits for shipments.

The Averitt Rules Tariff provides specific information on Averitt’s shipping rules and rating guidelines. In the event of a conflict between tariff as provided herein and the actual tariffs maintained by Averitt at its general office, such avdritt maintained at its principal place of business will prevail. Rates will be negotiated and set via a separate written agreement that shall and must incorporate Avrritt Certificate of Liability Insurance.

Shipping Rules (AVRT 100)

Hazardous Materials Certificate of Registration – Federal registration to transport hazardous materials in interstate commerce. Is Freight included in the value of merchandise? I agree to the authorization terms listed above I agree to the authorization terms listed above.

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