THE AVATAMSAKA SUTRA ENGLISH TRANSLATION The Venerable Master Hua said: “The Flower Adornment Sutra is the sutra of the Dharma-realm and. The Avatamsaka Sutra is a work of sumptuous imagery that presents The title of the sutra usually is translated into English as Flower Garland. The title is rendered in English as Flower Garland Sutra, Flower Adornment Sutra , or Flower Ornament Scripture. The Avataṃsaka Sūtra.

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The vision expressed in this work was the foundation for the creation of the Huayan eutra of Chinese Buddhism, which was characterized by a philosophy of interpenetration. The notions of small and large do not exist here.

The sutra also includes numerous Buddhas and their Buddhalands which are said to be infinite, representing a vast cosmic view of reality, though it centers on a most important figure, the Buddha Vairocana great radiance. Scholars conclude that sutras were being added to the collection. Part of a series on. One source claims that it is “a very long text composed of a number of originally independent scriptures of diverse provenance, all of which were combined, probably in Central Asia, in the late third or the fourth century CE.

When we practice that kind of meditation, our ideas about small, large, one and many, will vanish. Chinese Wikisource has original text related to this article: The sutra, among the longest Buddhist sutras, is a compilation of disparate texts on various topics such as the Bodhisattva path, the interpenetration of phenomena dharmasthe visionary powers of meditation and the equality of things in emptiness.

The point of these teachings is to lead all beings through the ten bodhisattva levels to the goal of Buddhahood which is done for sake of all other beings. It describes the entire Buddha Realm which is, of course, not easy to visualize. Archived from the original on These stages of spiritual attainment are also widely discussed in various parts of the sutra book 15, book The term “avatamsaka” means “a garland of flowers,” indicating that all the virtues that the Buddha has accumulated by the time he attains enlightenment are like a beautiful garland of flowers that adorns him.


Vairocana is a cosmic being who is the source of light and enlightenment of the ‘Lotus universe’, who is said to contain all world systems. Fragmentary translation probably began in the 2nd century CE, and the famous Ten Stages Sutraoften treated as an individual scripture, was first translated in the 3rd century. A history of Indian Buddhism: Some major traditional titles include the following:. Buddhacarita by Charles Willemen. It has been called by the translator Thomas Cleary “the most grandiose, the most comprehensive, and the most beautifully arrayed of the Buddhist scriptures.

The Practice of Huayan Buddhism, Having understood that the world’s true nature is mind, you display bodies of your own in harmony with the world.

Full text of “The Flower Ornament Scripture A Translation Of The Avatamsaka Sutra By Thomas Cleary”

Two of the chapters serve as sutras in their own right, and have been cited in the writings of many Buddhists in East Asia. If you want to know the exact meaning, history, etymology or English translation of this term then check out the descriptions on this page.

See also Avatamsaka Sutra. Views Read Edit View history.

An Introduction to Hua-Yen Buddhism, http: This work has been used in a variety of countries. Search found related definition avaamsaka that might help you understand this better.

The Flower Ornament Scripture A Translation Of The Avatamsaka Sutra By Thomas Cleary

The Weaving of Mantra: When we suutra a sky filled with stars, we may have the impression we are avatamsala at all. The gradation of powers of those who meditate into high, middle, and low].


This page was last edited on 29 Octoberat The discourses in the sutra version with 39 chapters are delivered to eight different audiences or “assemblies” in seven locations such as Bodh Gaya and the Tusita Heaven.

Hamar, Imre editorReflecting Mirrors: The body of [Vairocana] Buddha is inconceivable. Khenpo Kunpal’s Commentary english. Bodhisattvacharyavatara by Andreas Kretschmar. Chapter 39, Entering the Dharma Avatamwaka.

The view that realizes suchness] A.

The Avatamsaka Sutra project – Buddhist Text Translation Society

According to Luis Gomez, this sutra can also be “regarded as emblematic of the whole collection. A Dictionary of Chinese Buddhist Terms. The latest edition, fromis contained in a large single volume spanning pages. Click here for all 9 books. You can also click to the full overview containing English textual excerpts.

Retrieved from ” https: The flower ornament scripture: Below you will find the 15 most relevant articles:.

A Complete Introduction to the Indian Tradition, page When we look deeply at a flower, we can see the whole cosmos contained in it. Click here to login or click here avatamsakaa become a member.

The second translation includes more sutras than the first, and the Tibetan translation, which is still later, includes eglish differences with the 80 scrolls version.

But the thought that the cosmos is big and we are small is just an idea. The pilgrimage of Sudhana:

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