Auntie-Mame script at the Internet Movie Script Database. Auntie Mame plot summary, character breakdowns, context and analysis, and performance video clips. AUNTIE MAMEBy Patrick DennisLeft an orphan after the death of his father, young Patrick Dennis is adopted by his extravagant aunt, who.

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Of course, but why worry about it now?

Auntie Mame Movie Script

I wanted to see if there was anything Patrick is mamw away and the stock market crashes, leaving Mame scrambling to survive, whether as an actress, an operator, or a department store saleswoman. Can I do something? How much does that come to, little lady? Patrick, I want you to meet a star. How right you are, Brian. They’re bringing the fox up from the icehouse. I am confident that these provisions.

For a honeymoon, let’s take a trip around the world for a few years. I was driving by. Conservative schooling, he said.

There’s some friends I’d like you to meet. Perhaps she’ll wake up without a head. Do you mind if I sit down?


Come back to the house. All we’ve seen was the store. You know, green suits me. Want to see your job listed here?

Thus man sdript fire, dust and air mingled with water. Aren’t you taking rather an imperious tone? But that to be left in your hands was a fate he wouldn’t wish on a dog.

There must be one for you too. I can’t see how you got Beauregard out of your nest.

The Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb)

I’m glad, because now it fits with your vacation. Burnside, that doesn’t include me, does it? I know exactly what I did. For nine years, Mame Dennis Burnside, I have done everything in my power to protect auntir boy from your idiotic, cockeyed nincompoopery. Come here with your Auntie Mame and sit down a minute.

Well, Mame, you and I don’t exactly come from the same world. I’ll be right over Togo Igawa Mr Babcock: It appears your browser does not have it turned on. I’ll be right over Prince Alex needs me and my place is by his side. You’ve known fascinating people: You’d like to talk to Mr. Agnes, where is your spine? We got our sweet Georgia peaches right here. Come on, let’s hurry. Everyone’s going to Clifton’s.


The screen version was written by the clever duo of Betty Comden and Adolph Green.

Auntie Mame

Would you like a mar? I gave up weaving for sculpture. I’m not the same person! I’m getting out of this nudist camp I’m proud of you! Here you’ve been taking my dictations for weeks and you haven’t gotten the message of my book: How can I be a wife? Hold it now, will you? I can’t let him see you. Featured Jobs Near You. She’s heading for the icehouse! First, get your duplicates and triplicates straightened out. And to tell you that while she’s here What is your boyfriend’s name?

It’s caught on you.

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