Narrative perspective in “A Castaway” and “Jenny” elicit a kind of sympathy and pathos through monologues in which the characters ultimately, resignedly give. Human Tigresses, Fractious An- gels, and Nursery Saints: Augusta. Webster’s A Castaway and Vic- torian Discourses on Prostitution and Women’s Sexuality. Because Augusta Webster’s poetry involves explicit cultural critique, For instance, Webster’s dramatic monologue “A Castaway,” written in the voice of a kept.

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Was this a choice? By contrast, what gives her happiness?

A Castaway

This book of poems asks the reader continually to reinterpret the significance of the characters represented within its pages. How does the speaker now feel about her own girlhood? Like Eulalie, the Doubter criticizes religious rhetoric that does not actually create change.

Ah the sweet nursery logic! For the world I would not have that flight known. Sonnet 1—What metaphors and diction does the poet use to celebrate the dawn of life? A wanton I but modest!

Augusta Webster – Wikipedia

We did well together: Oh God, do I not know it? Scorn or no scorn, what matter for their scorn? Only, I think, my brother — I forgot he stopped his brotherhood some years ago — but if he had been just so much less good as to remember mercy. I have outfaced my own — that’s harder work.


Some one at last, thank goodness. How does she describe the visitors, and to what extent do her charges fit the original story? Aye let me feed upon my beauty thus, be glad in it like painters when they see at last the face they dreamed but could not find look from their canvass on them, triumph in webste, the dearest thing I have.

Are we supposed to view her as admirable? What change does she believe indicates her own decline?

I could not bear it. Augusat What activities had occupied the speaker’s own girlhood? Was I this good girl, this budding colourless young rose of home?

Castaqay book, along with her Dramatic Studiesestablished Webster as a leading poet during the same decade she was actively involved in feminist politics. Her best-known poems include three long dramatic monologues spoken by women: On what grounds does she take comfort?

Sonnet What dramatic social exchange opens this sonnet? This page was last edited on 2 Septemberat Could they have been originally intended for a different sequence?


At least there’s a new dress to try, and grumble at — they never fit to one’s ideal.

A Castaway | British Literature Wiki

Why would a Victorian auguwta writer have naturally turned to the topic of Circe? Quiet is hell, I say — as if a woman could bear to sit alone, quiet all day, and loathe herself, and sicken on her thoughts. How I could scorn it with its Pharisees, if it could not scorn me: Sonnet 15 What different regrets are expressed in the octave and sestet? What does the poem’s ending reveal about the speaker’s view of her present life?

Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net no. Who says I had my choice?

A Castaway – Poem by Augusta Davies Webster

What final reflection comforts her? Could I stay there to die of some mad death? The three titles with personal wenster are also the only poems which explicitly reference a pre-existing story set in the distant historical past.

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