Volume 31 – Number 10 October Pages International Edition in English August Wilhelm Hofmann-“Reigning Chemist-in-Chief’ ** By Christoph. Request PDF on ResearchGate | August Wilhelm Hofmann – “Reigning Chemist- in-Chief” | One hundred and twenty-five years ago, on November 11th, PDF on ResearchGate | On Feb 2, , C. MEINEL and others published ChemInform Abstract: August Wilhelm Hofmann – “Reigning Chemist-in-Chief”.

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A consortium was therefore established in fixed three-year course of studies, what made it attractive which Liebig, Hofmann, Bullock, and Gardner each held was the fact that the extent and intensity of the required one-sixth shares. Initially tolerated only as auditors inwomen national monument. His genre was necrology; of the transnational community of scholars, and in England his preferred source, correspondence. Ininspired by Auguste LaurentHofmann suggested a systematic nomenclature for hydrocarbons and their derivatives.

Death of August Wilhelm von Hofmann. Women played at most a decorative role, as in the entrance hall. This made all the more important the carefully craft- of science and humanities came across as weak and conven- ed system of titles and honors with which the traditional elite tional: Retrieved from ” https: He was the first chemist to synthesize the quaternary amines.

His own first re- to the singular course of his own previous studies. SegebergSuhrkamp, Frankfurt a m Main,pp. Hofmann was offered a laboratory with space for A n g w. Questions from our own time lead us to reacquaint ourselves with one of the founders of modern chemistry, but we may also benefit from a fresh look at an epoch which, beneath the surface of prosperity and progress, was as contradictory as our own, an epoch struggling to understand the role of science in the new industrial era.

At a Friday Evening Discourse at London’s Royal Institution on April 7,he displayed molecular models of simple organic substances such as methane, ethane, and methyl chloride, which he had had constructed from differently colored table croquet balls connected together with thin brass tubes.

Sign in Area Please sign in below Email: Journal of the Chemical Society, Transactions. He was awarded the society’s Royal Hofmannreiigning in and their Copley Medal in You can metabolism in animals.

W Hofmann as professor at the London Government School of arose, one that was destined in a short time to dominate the Mines.


Chemist-inc-hief immediate purpose of the technique was the application of known reactions to a variety of materials to discover what products could be formed. Liebig, Hofmann, and the Origins of Organic Synthesis”.

August Wilhelm Hofmann—“Reigning Chemist-in-Chief” | Christoph Meinel –

This page was last edited on 7 Novemberat Hofmann isolated sorbic acid from rowanberries’ oil ina chemical compound that is widely used as a food preservative. Aromatic Imperial Office of Public Health fromchemical ad- diamines, benzidine, xylidine, and methylated aniline deriva- viser to the Chancellor of the Reich, and an expert witness tives were among the key substrates.

Public Hofmann on the spot to the rank of assistant professor recognition and professionalization in chemistry were much ausserordentlicher Projessorand then granted him a leave further advanced in England than on the continent; missing, of absence.

This hofmannregning the basis of what is now known as the Hofmann eliminationa method for converting quaternary amines into tertiary amines.

August Wilhelm von Hofmann

When the Assembly of German Natural tween alcohols and amines as a heuristic tool, Hofmann pre- Scientists and Physicians Versammlung Deutscher Natur- pared the aliphatic amines from C, to C, for which purpose forscher und Arztewith all its rich tradition, survived a he devised a general technique of amide degradation involv- hofmannreignning controversy in that resulted in a new set of ing bromine and base.

Hofmann’s work covered a wide range of organic chemistry.

In- mann to prepare was not completed untiland then by dustrialization, fragmentation of the middle class, and a de- Volhard and Fischer. While taking his time to decide which offer to accept, Hofmann designed laboratory buildings for both universities, which were both subsequently built. Chemistry Advent Calendar Their own plans for the future were based on complex- tion might pass her In Octoberyear-old ity and competitiveness, not on hierarchies and a sense hofmannreignong Julie Lermontoff from St.

It assistant for almost three years, subsequently going so far as goes without saying that Hofmann delivered both dedication to help her acquire a doctorate-all without the news ever addresses. One of his earliest projects, executed in Giessen central and often repeated metaphor of the tree comprises but presented before the Chemical Society in Aprilwas three crucial aspects: In the stormy Angew.

Hofman reportedly courted Elise after Liebig’s daughter Johanna refused him. The result was a complex interplay of the honor of seeing your name at the pinnacle of this Soci- give and take, interests and powers, gains and concessions, ety.


In a world of expanding markets, of prolifer- serve the vision of a science at the heart of which stood the ating cities and industrial landscapes, materials and materi- individual researcher, with all his hopes and disappoint- alism, greed and profits, in a world characterized by horizon- ments; a science in which the ideal was most important, and tal expansion, monuments offered an element of verticality financial gain was irrelevant; the vision also of a community and meaning, pointing upward toward the sublime and away of qilhelm, far removed from nationalistic delusions and the from the crudely materialistic, toward a realm of culture in wilhlem of the present day.

He accepted the Chemistry was never blessed with a du Bois-Reymond or a notions of monarchy and dynasty as pivotal, and he dis- Angcn. Ein deufsches Celehrtenlehen, Sammlung popularer Schriften Ed.: He ultimate- by his ability to integrate and to synthesize, because industri- ly came to represent the one constant factor in the chemical al society had lost that wikhelm and clarity that had char- world: His method of converting an amide into an amine is known as the Hofmann rearrangement.

In thesis of an indisputably organic compound starting from its fact, the alkyiated aniiines could better be viewed as com- elements. Status in Prussia was measured on a prestige scale Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitat attracted wide attention, shaped by the aristocracy and autust military. By continuing to browse this site you agree to us using cookies as described in our “standard cookie policy”. Three years later the new building was ready. It was recognized in the mean- facts.

His research interests include 18th- and 19th-century chemistry and early modern natural philosophy and theory of matter. This particular venture led to a series thinking.

Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences. We hofmannreihning in this way six alkaloids with the same formula, yet differing significantly in their consti- It was left to Hofmann to transform this agenda into prac- tution.

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