AudioQuest cables and other audio products combine solid conductors, high- purity metals, specialized geometries, and stable dielectrics to enable naturally. March AudioQuest Sky Interconnects and Volcano Speaker Cables. by Marc Mickelson. “Sky [is] a reference-level interconnect, one of the very best on the. Enjoy the experience of 4K content with help from this AudioQuest Sky HDMI cable. The 4-foot length lets you connect components without leaving extra.

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Marc Mickelson marc soundstage. I corresponded with AudioQuest’s Joe Harley two years ago about reviewing some of his company’s cables, and he told me then that AudioQuest had some special new interconnects and speaker cables in development that would soon be available. Its midrange was finely textured and full, with strong image outlines.

Specialization applies to audio cables as readily as audio electronics and speakers. Home Audio Equipment Review.

However, these things don’t aurioquest to Sky and Volcano. I mentioned this to a rival cable manufacturer, who promptly said that it makes complete sense because the cables’ dielectric would hold a charge “maybe for days,” so unplugging the DBS battery packs would do little or nothing in the short term. I began my listening with Volcano and a full set of Cardas Golden Reference interconnects, which I had been using and enjoying for sku time. Sound Volcano “has a big, robust presentation that’s not particularly light or dark, fast or slow.

SoundStage! Equipment Review – AudioQuest Sky Interconnects and Volcano Speaker Cables (3/)

Instead, it was astounding. Does the dielectric’s charge drain as soon as the battery packs are disconnected? While you can put together a fine audio system that has as few as four separate “boxes” CD player, integrated amp, and a pair of speakersyou can also buy digital rigs that have that many chassis by themselves.


Sky’s conductors are welded at amps to the interconnect’s RCA or XLR connectors, both of which are a deep blue and have the cable’s name printed on their outer casings. The DBS consists of an insulated anode and uninsulated cathode inside each cable run that are connected to a pair of 36V battery packs affixed to the cable’s downstream end. Here, again, the space between the two musicians became an important element in the recording’s charm, but the texture of both instruments stole the show.

In both cases, I can’t say that the sound was initially “very good,” as with Volcano alone. Detail is never thrust at you — there is no forwardness or aggression — but every musical gesture, no matter how small, is present and accounted for. It was audioquwst to sit still and not throw on CD after CD whose inherent expansiveness would be enhanced.

Preamps come with outboard power supplies, and mono amplifiers handle only one channel of information at a time. The RCAs are especially noteworthy because they look to be proprietary and are direct silver plated.


Five years parts and labor. But both cable sets are the sort of products I audiouest I didn’t have to review so I could maximize my time simply listening to music with them. The magnitude of the difference is similar to that s,y swapping out an entire set of cables, which is to say that the sound auvioquest utterly changed.

I used AudioQuest Sky and Volcano with a distinguished lineup of reference-level audioqufst We audiophiles split reproduction not only into different components, but those components often consist of separate chassis that are optimized to perform a few functions exceptionally well.


AudioQuest includes a silver-cleaning cloth with each pair of Sky interconnects to aid in the removal of tarnish. I’m not similarly in awe of Volcano speaker cables on their own, but I can certainly recommend them, especially with Sky interconnects, in which case the end product is definitely greater than the mere sum of its parts. When the magnetic field is more powerful, more iron filings are aligned. Baker’s trumpet didn’t blat and sounded audioquuest bit wooly, but these characteristics were part of its sound, and the AudioQuest cables, especially Sky, let it through unhindered.

On the other hand, I could argue that Sky and Volcano are more neutral because they let more of the space, smoothness and silence of each recording pass. It has a big, robust presentation that’s not particularly light or dark, fast or slow.

It seemed apparent from the outset that AudioQuest’s claim that its DBS kept the cables in a ready-to-use state was the truth. Skh “has a big, robust presentation that’s not particularly light or dark, fast or slow. Yes, the cynical among us would say that cable companies like AudioQuest change their product lines simply to spur sales, but these cynics are often blinded by their own dogma and won’t admit that they may not have all of the facts.

Volcano and especially Sky are detailed cables, but not apparently so.

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