The Piassava Palm (Attalea funifera) is assessed as Least Concern. The species is common in its natural range. The extent of occurrence (EOO) does not meet. Origin and Habitat: North-eastern Atlantic coast of Brazil in the state of Bahia, Alagoas and Sergipe. Type locality: Banks of Rio Negro and its tributaries. Habitat. PDF | The reproductive ecology of piassava palm (Attalea funifera Mart.) was investigated for 19 months in the Atlantic forests of eastern Brazil.

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Between 29 and 67 species.

Rethinking the Fruits Extinct Megafauna Ate”. Year ISBN Description An excellent book, giving basic information on all the species of palms dunifera to the Americas that were known in Retrieved from ” https: All images copyright of the artists and photographers see images for credits. Back to Attalea index.

Archived from the original on July 31, These 5-m strands of water-resistant fiber have long represented an important component of the regional export economy, first in the ahtalea of anchor cables, and later in the manufacture of brooms and brushes cf. They have long represented a significant part of the regional export economy, as fashioning of anchor cables, and later in the manufacture of brooms and brushes. Piassava fibre exports had fallen remarkably as a result of the competition with synthetic fibres and threads.


Bailey Hortorium and the International Palm Society. During the twentieth century, piassava fiber funfiera have fallen markedly as a result of competition with plastic substitutes.

Comments have to be approved before they are shown here. Attalea has been placed in the subfamily Arecoideaethe tribe Cocoseae and the subtribe Attaleinaetogether with the genera AllagopteraBeccariophoenixButiaCocosJubaeaJubaeopsisLytocaryumParajubaeaSyagrusand Voanioala.

Incomplete herbarium collections make determining whether certain groups represent single species, or groups of similar species, difficult. It forms a plumose head of up to 30 large leaves that are held erect in a shuttlecock-like crown.

Attalea funifera

Palm management in South America. Views Read View source View history. Readable yet also very detailed. Technical fibres or textile fibres are bundles of individual fibres that have mechanical properties that depend on the origin of plant, the nature of the extraction, refining procedures, age, and chemical constituents Vincent, It forms a plumose head of up to 30 large leaves that are held erect in a shuttlecock-like crown.

Fresh seeds germinate quickly and the seedlings are attractive.


Attalea funifera

Attalea Kunth in F. This page was last edited on 19 Novemberat Species range across the Neotropics from Mexico in the north to BoliviaParaguayand southern Brazil in the south. Piassava attains a height of 12 to 15 m, and sttalea easily identified in the field due to the presence of 9-m-long.

Few people are aware of just how large this palm can get, and one often sees it planted in attaleq where its going to cause real problems later on.

Apart from being a sustainable alternative natural fibres are technically feasible and offer many positive social implications. This has been supported by a ahtalea molecular phylogeny. Attalea amygdalina Kunth in HBK.

Micronutrient deficiencies only show up on soil with a high pH. Hansen, Dennis Marinus, ed.

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The remainder account for either nine species or more than

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