Read about ‘Atmel AT91SAM9G45 Microcontroller Datasheet’ on elementcom. This article is forwarded from Atmel, it mainly describes the. AT91SAM9GCU Microchip Technology / Atmel Microprocessors – MPU 64K SRAM, 64K ROM MHz, DDR2 datasheet, inventory, & pricing. AT91SAM9GEKES Microchip Technology / Atmel Development Boards & Kits – ARM EVAL KIT SAM9G45 ES datasheet, inventory, & pricing.

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Who is online Users browsing this forum: Block Diagram Figure In order to simplify the addressing, all the masters have the same decodings However, there is no clock control associated with these peripheral IDs. SAM-BA monitor however could really use a make-over, because it lists random values All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Why in steps different address for the same external register? At91sam9g45 datasheet pdf But i don’t understand why it works – “. However, some paths do not make sense, such as allowing access from the Ethernet MAC to the internal peripherals.

Now at a guess, I’d say the compile address is wrong, or setting up the cache, or stack, or the remapping at zero, are failing. Power the core, including the processor, the embedded memories and the peripherals; voltage ranges from 0. You could add code to output to the debug USART as the first thing it does, and perhaps take some steps into the existing code as see how long it lives. Bing [Bot] and 1 guest. You could confirm the compile address of the code going into DDR, you could disassemble it with something like objdump, and walk through it.


at91sam9g45 ATMEL Corporation, at91sam9g45 Datasheet

I have datasheett impression its cause should lie somewhere in the linker files, but they are the standard ones which came with the SAM-BA applet files v2. This is a summary document. I must admit SAM-BA has turned into rather a cluster over the years, I’d be a lot more temped to inject code with something like Keil and tinker with bringing up the hardware that way.

And for the record i debugged in the following order: Email Required, but never shown.

AT91SAM9G45 Datasheet PDF

I am building arm-eabi-gcc with gcc 6. Sign up using Facebook.

The device is running not in backup mode. Whilst going through all timing parameters and settings I noticed the mode setting for “step 8” was wrong – it should have been 3 but was at 5. All the memory blocks can always be seen at their datasheeh base addresses that are not concerned by these parameters.

Also, what should I dztasheet for the –with-fpu option? Copy your embed code and put on your site: I can’t work with this DDR2. System Controller Block Diagram Figure If you have an LED you could try initializing that in the bootstrap code also, and then toggle or blink it along the way.


As for distinction between –with-tune–with-arch and –with-cpusee this answerTLDR is that –with-cpu is preferred.

Although after using it for a while longer i’m noticing some strange things, for example if i try to copy a large file to memory i get a kernel panic and the board reboots.

Anyone here so kind to post the initialization sequence for MT47H32M16? Post as at91sam9y45 guest Name. Also are the trace lengths all matched? Users browsing this forum: I can now start debugging the real application.

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