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ASTM D – 01 Standard Test Method for Cetane Number of Diesel Fuel Oil

It should be held at this temperature for a period of at least 30 min and then the container should be thoroughly remixed. Crankshaft Journal Diameter 2. Parts for this crankcase are no longer manufactured. Thus, all timing events are referenced to the flywheel crank angle degree readings which occur at a rise of 0.

Changing handwheel setting changes the ignition delay period. Flush lubricate the bearings if the unit is equipped with field lubrication fittings. Waukesha Engine Division Part Numbers or References are included in parenthesis after the items where applicable.

ASTM D – 18 Standard Test Method for Cetane Number of Diesel Fuel Oil

D — 05 ing steps should be performed as quickly as possible to ensure that the pressure readings represent hot engine conditions. Adjust the fuel injection timing micrometer to achieve the specified injection advance degrees see Fig. The top edge of the contact line or area shall be at least 0.

This is a trial and error procedure whereby the pressure is checked by use of asmt injector tester after each screw adjustment accompanied by relocking of the locknut B.

  22TCN 220-95 PDF

Calibration adjustment should be checked before each rating but never changed during a rating. The difference between the two reference fuel blends shall not exceed 5.

The parameters which shall be indicated are as follows: A change from alpha-methylnaphthalene to heptamethylnonane as the low cetane ingredient was made in to utilize a material of better storage stability and availability. The overtravel should be 0. Warning—The pump and timing gear box oil sumps are not connected to each other and the lubrication for the two is independent. However, depending on the severity of testing, the process may need to be performed more frequently and some testing facilities make it a practice to install a cleaned and checked injector prior to each unit startup.

Vacuum shall not exceed mm 10 in. Typically this inspection could be part of a top atsm. Replace belts as required and adjust the motor position to achieve proper belt tension. NOTE 3—Typically, the fuel-flow-rate should be the same for both reference fuels because they are sufficiently similar in composition.

ASTM D613 – Cetane Number

A superscript epsilon e indicates an editorial change since the last revision or reapproval. Fuel flow rate measurement can thus be performed by first filling the flow rate buret from the tank with the selector valve positioned on the tank mark and then positioning the valve between tank marks so that fuel from the buret leg alone supplies the fuel pump.


Calculation of Cetane Number During this period each exchange sample was rated twice on the same day by the same operator on one engine in each of the Member laboratories. Cylinder base gaskets of several thicknesses are available and the number and thicknesses must be selected by trial and error to obtain the proper piston overtravel of 0. The relationship of test engine performance to full scale, variable speed, axtm load engines is not completely understood.

The setting should be checked each time the nozzle is disassembled and cleaned. In the power off condition, a heavy spring pulls the solenoid shaft, the connecting linkage and the fuel control rack to a zero delivery position. The variable compression plug is positioned by the screw action of the handwheel and the relative location of the plug is indicated by an indexed vernier scale. Make the final handwheel adjustment in the clockwise direction viewed from front of engine to eliminate backlash in the handwheel mechanism and a potential error.

Rotate the fuel injection timing micrometer so that the advance lever is at full advance nearest to operator.

When the engine runs out of fuel, repeat the purging sequence. Critical Equipment is specified to include the following major items:

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