The Artis Physio dialysis system is inspired by Gambro’s passionate commitment to hemodialysis. It provides an unmatched range of treatment modalities to. High-end Gambro Artis dialysis systems. – 4 units available – Year of manufacture : – S/N: FX / FX / FX / FX – Operating hours. Hemodialysis. Artis™ Dialysis System 15/Case. GAMBRO CARTRIDGE SN PRIME LINE U Ultrafilter (Artis and AK 96). EA. BLO. O. DLIN. E. S.

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Making life in the dialysis clinic As pioneer and leading innovator in dialysis therapy we present products and services that bring new ways to raise treatment quality, staff satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Gambro, Artis, Dialysis machine

Individualizing the most effective treatments for every patient in environments where stress and demands continue to rise, that’s when qrtis equipment is put to the ultimate test to deliver the best and most consistent resuLts. Patients will benefit significantly from more therapeutic flexibility and improved clinical outcome if treatments are easier to deliver.

We are pleased to introduce It is much artiis than just aesthetics A contrast to conventional equipment, the Artis dialysis system accomplishes more with its greater reach in aesthetics, visual appeal and user-friendliness.

With a pure line design characterized by clean and round shapes, Artis dialysis system adapts nicely to a dialysis clinic environment and presents itself rather than invades a space. Its modern and innovative look recognized by staff and patients makes the treatment room a more pleasant environment. The contemporary design also abides by functional requirements. Optimal user postures have been considered Only five buttons to master the entire system The touch-screen and advanced graphical interface place the user in control through simple, logical and effective operations.

Finding information is fast and easy with a Artiss navigation controller that gives direct access to five main working environments.


The NavPad navigation controller has been designed from recent research in cognitive ergonomics and with strong influence from end-users; the result is a straightforward and intuitive navigation model. The large touch-screen presents clear information and displays excellent reading even from a Prescription management Treatment report Treatment supervision Blood management Fluid management The NavPad navigation controller The NavPad navigation controller mirrors the normal steps of a treatment delivery as well as the logical distribution of information.

With just five buttons the user can reach all working environments to manage prescriptions, supervise treatment, access to blood and fluid settings and generate treatment reports. It is all presented with self-explicit pictograms making the navigation easy to learn.

Thanks to the NavPad navigation controller, user-friendliness of the This breakthrough feature performs TMP scans at argis Safe and consistent treatment delivery A bio-protective blood module ArtiSet blood tubing system is the exclusive and integrated blood circuit designed to work with the Artis ratis system. Its compact and non-invasive design offers various advantages, both from medical and handling perspectives. Hemocompatibility is further induced by a reduced extracorporeal blood volume and optimized flow geometry in the chambers.

Nurses find ArtiSet blood tubing system valuable and easy as many of the repetitive actions required during artiss set-up are either eliminated or simplified. The blood tubing system System integration for convenience and time-saving More than ever integration of the right technologies does not only enhance the quality of dialysis but also contributes to raise effectiveness of the unit.

Streamlining workflows Proven process mapping methods have been largely used to help eliminate waiting time and organizational bottlenecks without compromising safety and flexibility. The man-machine interactions have been carefully arhis by largely involving end users, and have resulted in simplified and harmonized sequences.

Artis – Gambro – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation

Step time, the interim from the end of one treatment including Advanced technology — Presented in simplicity The modular structure of the Artis dialysis system results in an evolutionary platform, certifying a high level of customization and potential future upgrades. Also, proven technology is used everywhere to ensure a high level of accuracy and reliability over time. On the inside, the ergonomic design is combined with proven state-of-the-art technology. A view of the interior of the Artis dialysis system is accomplished by simply opening fambro system.


All hydraulic components hang on a rack for quick and easy access facilitating service operations. A top priority has always been to advance renal care and promote renal recovery, and you and your patients have been our prime inspiration along the way. Quite simply, we aim to support your success. And we do this by paying close attention to all details of the extracorporeal system to make sure you can deliver your prescribed therapy.

You can rely on every part of the Gambro system to deliver the most favorable patient treatment. Gambro products give medical staff The Online Medical Device Exhibition. Open the catalog to page 3. Open the catalog to page 4.

Gambro, Artis, Dialysis machine – Mediproma

Open the catalog to page 6. Open the catalog to page 7. Open the catalog to page 8. Open the catalog adtis page Related Searches Central venous catheter Dialysis catheter Bloodline Ultrafilter Dialysis machine Bicarbonate hemodialysis concentrate Home hemodialysis machine Mobile hemodialysis machine Solution hemodialysis concentrate Triple-lumen catheter Hemodialysis machine with hemodiafiltration Dialysis ultrafilter Dialysis bloodline Liquid filter cartridge Hemofiltration machine Dialysis filter cartridge Water ultrafilter Hemofilter Medical medical kit Liquid ultrafilter.

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