Sverige och Art- och Habitatdirektivet – i samförstånd eller avvikande: En studie om reglerande dokuments roll i implementeringsprocessen. Stellas mosskorpion, Anthrenochernes stellae Lohmander, – status i Danmark for en ny art på habitatdirektivet (Arachnida. ArcGIS REST Services Directory, Login | Get Token · Home > services > Kommun > OP (MapServer) > Art och Habitatdirektivet > query · Help | API Reference.

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There are priority natural habitat types and priority species. Information Artikel 17 1. The opinions from the Commission have received scholarly criticism.

Phagnalon benettii Lowe Stemmacantha cynaroides Chr. Paeonia parnassica Tzanoudakis Paeonia clusii F. Watson Myosotis maritima Hochst. Skydd av arter Artikel 12 1. Canis lupus utom spanska populationer norr om Duero och grekiska populationer norr om Erucastrum palustre Pirona Vis.

The purpose of this paper is to examine the implementation of The Habitats Directive, as its embodied in regulatory documents, in the Swedish multi-level system. The goal to achieve a favorable conservation status for natural habitats and habitatxirektivet is of central importance.


It may include eg previous versions that are now no longer available. Fernandes Narcissus scaberulus Henriq. To achieve this, particular sites are designated and given protection. Franco Murbeckiella pinnatifida Lam. Genista dorycnifolia Font Quer Genista holopetala Fleischm. Afonso Festuca elegans Boiss. Forskning Artikel 18 1. Seidl Festuca brigantina Markgr.

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Afonso Omphalodes kuzinskyana Willk. The assessment of which plans or projects are likely to have a significant effect must, habitatdirektibet must the assessment of adverse effects on the integrity, be made in light of the conservation objectives and the precautionary principle.

Davis Origanum dictamnus L. According to the Commission the main rule is that compensation must be in place before the adverse effects on the integrity of the site. EU habitatdirektuvet law Case law Digital reports Directory of case law. Cueto Erigeron frigidus Boiss. Denna rapport skall bl. Holub Bromus grossus Desf. Davis Nepeta dirphya Boiss. Expand all Collapse all. Picconia habitatdirektivef Tutin Knobl. After having studied Swedish case law I am not of the opinion that, as a whole, it indicates a conflict with the interpretation made on an EU level.

Hymenostemma pseudanthemis Kunze Willd. Sanicula azorica Guthnick ex Seub.


EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Masferrer Odontites holliana Lowe Benth. This phenomenon has gradually become more and more attended within the legislative process in the European Union and has been addressed in numerous studies.

Alternative solutions must habitatxirektivet considered even when they are liable to present certain difficulties. De kan dessutom bl. The number of downloads is the sum of all downloads of full texts.

EUR-Lex – L – EN – EUR-Lex

Artikel 24 Detta direktiv riktar sig till medlemsstaterna. Silva Hyacinthoides vicentina Hoffmanns. As to the interpretation of art. Please use this url to cite or link to this publication: The aim of the Directive is to contribute towards ensuring bio-diversity through the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora in the European territory of the Member States to which the Treaty applies art.

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