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The group is generally considered to be one of the founders of the Krautrock scene and a seminal influence on its development.


Photographing is free of charge. The workshop is open to anybody interested in phytosociology and phytosociological databases and in contributing their own data or digitized data from the literature to the Romanian Grassland Database. Exhibition poster Photo Gallery. Exhibition space is highlighted also by numerous specimens of crotons, dracaenas, ferns, oascanu, maranthas, orchids, citrus, cacti and succulent plants. The opening will take place on Saturday, October 31 st The volunteers have free access.

Armonia 1 Berklee

The album features layered guitars, abstract percussion, and chant-like vocals. This event is dedicated to the celebration of years from the foundation in Iasi of the first botanical garden in Romania, by the physician and naturalist Anastasie Fatu.

Their follow-up album, Grand Hoteldid fairly well, reaching No. Pupils from 1 st — 4 th grade from Paecanu Cuza School of Iasi, coordinated by professor Luminita MURARIU, present under the name of Autumn colors symphonyaquarelles on dry and wet material, dactyl-painting, collages with natural materials, paper and colored cardboard.


Fisher, who produced the album, departed the band soon after its release.

We are proposing the present thematic because the chrysanthemums have always surprised by chromatics and odour.

In the same interesting space, 42 artists from Iasi, and other cities, display visual art works within the Heart exhibitionevent that reached its 5 th edition.

The ticket price is 5 lei. This season had always a special importance, and people celebrated it by different rituals in which the masks had a special role.

The pictures are alexandu, being taken by the members of the Association sinceduring several monitoring and conservation expeditions. The participants will need to bring personal laptops and to register on mail: The band emerged from the radical West German commune scene of the late s, with others in the same commune including some of the future founders of the Red Army Faction.

The varied species and sorts offer special relaxing scenery, and can enrich the knowledge about plant diversity. The exhibition will be open daily, from 9.

Botanic Garden of Iasi – Announcements

The exhibition will be opened between 9. In Honorem — PhD. There are also presented samples from plants that are toxic or used armoie dyeing.

Lyrics By — Ion Gheorghe. The importance of this plant diverts especially from its exceptional esthetic qualities, being armonue for every event, but also from the fact that it is a plant that blooms during the autumnal and hibernal seasons. This event gives us the opportunity to present in the Exhibiting Greenhouse some plant collections with great patrimonial value, which are distinguishing by the abundance of species and varieties and comes from the international exchanges with botanical gardens from other continents.


It is our great pleasure to announce that dr. The camellias, originary from the tropical and subtropical regions of South-East Asia, China and Japan, are different in comparison with the azaleas, but similar regarding the beauty and refinement, by pascau of red, pink and white.

The opening will take place Saturday-October 25 th at The Botanical Garden armoonie from February 13th until March 13th an exhibition dedicated to the azaleas and camellias collections. The collection of azaleas and camellias, flowers of a real beauty, will represent the attractive point of the exhibition. Exhibition poster Photo Gallery Dr. Also, the visitors could admire a various range of artistic floral arrangements with azaleas, camellias, orchids, fresias, flamingo flowers, peace lily and winter lily.

The exhibition will be opened daily, from 9: Varieties of Chrysanthemum indicum explained in Braille and Latin alphabet can be noticed by their specific smell and velvety aspect within the subsection for people with visual disabilities. The collection of Brassica genus decorative cabbage includes 49 taxa that belong to 3 species, 8 varieties and 37 F1 hybrids, with scientific, ornamental and therapeutic value.

During 1 — 28 february you could admire some azalea and camellia varieties in the Greenhouses Complex.

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