Translated from the original French version of L’Apiculture Pour Tous (12th edition)1 by Patricia The people’s hive [Warré hive, Tr.] with moveable frames . The result was his People’s Hive (Ruche Populaire) whose construction and operation he described in his book Beekeeping For All (L’ Apiculture Pour Tous. Author: Abbé Émile Warré Translated from: ‘L’Apiculture Pour Tous’ (12th ed., ) by Patricia and David Heaf Date: ISBN:

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He uses these primarily in his breeding colonies.

These modified top-bars he calls porte-rayons or ‘comb carriers’, which we here refer to as ‘half frames’. Top-bar Length A x width warrf thickness.

The measurements A, B, C apicultuee D in the table below correspond to the dimensions on the following diagram: Retrieved from ” https: Table of comparison of frames measurements in mm. The top-bar cloth here is coarsely woven hessian. This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create tpus digitize apiculfure. Thus the total length of the wood is mm. The frames are made of 25 x 7mm wood the top bar being mm long, the sides outside and mm inside, inside width mm.

We thank Phil Chandler for offering space for these pages on his site biobees. The rebate, side to side is mm in both cases and the thickness of the planed wood is 22mm and the overall depth is external x internal.

This web site is premised on the 12th edition of Beekeeping For All which describes the top-bar version of his hive only. I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby publish it under the following license:.

Furthermore, the frames should not be there especially because they take up a lot of room in the colony and for the simple fact that removing frames upsets the bees. For details of this watre and tuos click here. You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission. The 12th edition was published after he had moved to Saint-Symphorien on the outskirts of Tours, France.


But, for the sake of completeness, we provide a translation of the pages lour the 5th edition describing the two versions of his hive with frames, the latter having no bottom-bars.

The 6 mm dowel is positioned a little way in from the side of the box. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file. Partly to facilitate transport, Denis has made the top of the hive more compact.

Bottom-bar Length C x width x thickness.

To ensure that the dowel is perpendicular to the top-bar, the hole should be drilled with the help of a vertical drill stand. Please apicultyre our page of advice for complete beginners.

From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. L’ Apiculture Pour Tous.

Émile Warré

Frame beekeeper produce less wax that fixed apiculturf beekeepers. For JPEG images of all the pages see http: Complete newcomer to beekeeping? Its essential design and usage features can be summarised as follows: Home Links Contact Site map. This page examines the frames issue and offers construction data on the frame versions.

File: – Wikimedia Commons

The first in use in Germany and Russia were populated in So he developed an intermediate between the frame and the top-bar by adding projections of a few centimetres at each end of the top-bar. The timestamp is only as xpiculture as the clock in the camera, and it may be apicultyre wrong. Tis particular top-bar has a wooden comb guide set in a groove. This web site is premised on the 12th edition of Beekeeping For All which describes the top-bar version of his hive only. His YouTube channel is at https: But, for the sake of completeness, we provide a translation of apicupture pages of the 5th edition describing the two versions of his hive with frames, the second having no bottom-bars.


A piece is cut out of a Langstroth top-bar, the cut ends butt-jointed with glue and the bar reinforced with a comb guide in a groove. The half-frames are used solely for queen rearing and other needs connected with the brood that do not concern the beginner.

He observed for a long time the construction of comb in the hives without frames and concluded that they only stick the upper tiers of their constructions to the walls of the hive.

It is made of poru same thickness wood as the top-bar. Views View Edit History. It allows comb to be built past the dowel side-bar. Half-frames Denis devotes a page of his web site to the issue of frames versus top-bars.

He finds that they have all the advantages of frames and top-bars, without the inconveniences of either. It is only to a small extent but apicculture is sufficient to inconvenience the beekeeper. We wqrre information on the publication date of the first edition of the book. Top-of-hive configuration Denis’ commercial scale operation includes migratory beekeeping, warr example to lavender. The dowel may be glued into the top-bar, or secured merely by a tight fit in the hole.

Denis’ commercial scale operation includes migratory beekeeping, for example to lavender. All three hives appear to be top bee-space although the Denis has a 5 mm space at the top of each box 12 mm rebate minus 7 mm top-bar and an 8 mm space at the bottom of each box mm deep box below rebate minus mm touw. His semi-frame is intended to prevent any comb attachment to the walls at the top.

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