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ANTENA MONOPOLO by Moises Albert Santos on Prezi

Resistencia Total de la antena 8. Keep this in mind! The radiation pattern is no more omnidirectional: J-Pole 10 y 6m. We return to the initial value of monopole length calculated in the first analysis 5,16 meters and run an optimization antrna with 4NEC2 to find the optimal length of the counterpoise, with the goal of achieving a minimum SWR. Those effects would be even worse over a dry soil. If we analyze the vertical plane of the radiation pattern fig.

On the top of the ground, over the hole, we built a 12″ x 12″ form out of 2 x 8 timber. The radiation pattern is again omnidirectional, thanks to the layout of the 4 radials fig. In the 4NEC2 simulation, in order to avoid the counterpoise to be in direct contact with the ground, we will rise the whole structure 0,1 meters above the ground.

antena monopolo – English Translation – Word Magic Spanish-English Dictionary

In order to achieve an omnidirectional radiation pattern, an even number of radials must angena used, in a completely simmetrical layout. The radiation efficiency is almost twice the previous value.


In the vertical plane, the radiation pattern has its maximum gain just at a null takeoff angle, making the antenna optimal for DX work under these ideal conditions. Also, we found out after a rain storm that when a wet flag touched the flagpole, there would be some changes in impedance.

He loved working 20 meters, but the housing community he moved into prohibited antennas that could be seen by the public. Cables de red con RJ FTmp y modos digitales.

A 2″ piece of PVC pipe was placed in the hole, with a piece of rebar inside the pipe. Two wire broadband HF dipole. Then, an imperfect ground is introduced and after that the effects of adding radials antens achieve an improved ground plane.

This will help to move the theoretical analysis to the real world. In fact, the counterpoise is another part of the whole antenna, so its length has to be studied to optimize the SWR. With an adequated counterpoise length we can also achieve the impedance matching in the working band.

Utilidad de la tierra. This started out being a stelth antenna for a friend. El plano de tierra puede ser natural una superficie como la del maro artificial, formado por una serie de conductores unidos a la base de la antena vertical. However, under this condition the monopole is no more an omnidirectional antenna, having more directivity in the direction imposed by the counterpoise.

Torres de Antena Monopolo – Manufacturers, Factory, Suppliers From China

Control del ventilador por temperatura. Connections for RH circular polarization. The following analysis takes into account only one radial or counterpoise, which is the option chosen by several manufacturers of portable vertical HF antennas. This is due to the fact that the currents circulating in the antenna must return through the average soil, which has a very poor electric conductivity.


Monopole with one radial or counterpoise. That is, the antenna is unmatched with an impedance far away of 50 ohms in its feeding point. The antenna is omnidirectionalthanks to the simulated perfect monoppolo plane, and its gain is 5,15 dBi 3 dBdthat is, twice the gain of a half-wavelength dipole fig. The result is a counterpoise of 4,79 meters with an SWR of 1: If we compare the results with those of example 2, we see that, using the counterpoise, we have improved the antenna gain in 6,5 dB, having also three times more radiation efficiency.


Acoplada en la base. The analysis are based on simulations performed with the 4NEC2 software and are performed introducing new elements in successive aproximations. Comparison of several monopole configurations.

Monopole over perfect ground. A 35 foot pole should work well for 40 meters.

Next, using all sorts of wire that we gathered, a ground system was installed. The higher the number of radials, the bigger the radiation efficiency and antenna gain.

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