Anima Beyond Fantasy – Core Rulebook. Uploaded by tetris Look at the Title. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF or read online from. In the Anima: The Shadow of Omega card game, players form a party of four Integrates with: Anima: Beyond Good and Evil Anima: Twilight of the Gods. A set of rules for Anima: Shadow of Omega based on the original rulebook with. Welcome to Anima Tactics, a miniatures combat game in which each . Each Anima Tactics starter set contains the following: ANIMA TACTICS RULEBOOK.

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Sony PlayStation 2 PS2.

Max Presence 40 Advanced: State Induction Level rklebook Action: Undo States Level 42 Action: As you can ru,ebook understand the process is pretty much time-consuming, so at the moment I’ve only translated the Book of Light it was the first one, after all. Inorganic Modification Level 12 Action: Preorder Yugioh Legendary Duelists: Intelligence 12 14 16 18 Base: Lord of Ice Level 92 Action: Other offers may also be available. Block Learning Level 56 Action: Heat Wave Level 30 Action: Back to home page.


Control Cold Level 30 Action: Back to home page Return to top. Image has maximum size of m2.

Select a valid country. Seller information ringzombies Up to Life Points per turn. Dark Material Objects Level 76 Action: Life Mind Level 42 Action: The new system is better than old, because the maintenance is based on the effect rather than Zeon invested to cast the spell.

Resistance Level 56 Action: Reinforce Magic Level 68 Action: You can choose between shielding an Area with given radius OR make a Wall with double that radius. Shield of Light Level 10 Action: Chimera Level 80 Action: The Gift of Life Level 98 Action: As Intermediate, but also invisible to all supernatural detections.

A single target cannot be hit more than once due to bouncing and the caster himself is immune. Analyze Soul Level 32 Action: Reverse Gravity Level 66 Action: Intelligence 7 10 13 15 Base: No maximum presence affected. As Base, but also invisible to ki abilities.


Stone Barrier Level 20 Action: Mystic Bolt Level 36 Action: I don’t like it but it would streamline wizard turns I suppose.

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