SPECIAL RULES: Iron Hard Skin: Angron’s flesh has become unnaturally resilient to damage. He has a 2+ armor save in addition to his Invulnerable. Save. Angron – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. emperor-of Uploaded by. Jorge Barios. This entry is originally from a Apocalypse Datasheet published in for a primach (albeit a demon one), Angron will be the basis of all future.

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For instance – Kairos Fateweaver is not your average Lord of Change, Skarbrand is very strong as is expected of his age and experience but has effectively been exiled, and good ol’ Skulltaker has a lot of favour for an “ordinary” Bloodletter. Daemon Primarch Angron Datasheet Although they obviously had to keep him balanced for gameplay purposes bit disappointed with his statline he’s hardly going to live up to the story of it taking nearly the whole Grey Knight Chapter to bring him down leaving only a handful of survivors.

Angron datasheet

Angron VS Lorgar Lorgar hits 2. Also with Child of Terra there is almost no contest He was much handier on Isstvan V, wreaking all agron of carnage in the Dropsite Massacre.

Daemon Primarch Angron Datasheet Where is this, its not in my issue as far as i can see, i get it delivered, so unless it came this morning miss postman as i start earlyis it in the issue with the 40k rulebook hamamer on the front, or is this a new one?? The only real difference is a lack of wings.

Angron datasheet | bhsman | Flickr

This is notable as previous liber apocolypta have been done by race, not by theme. Will make a nice conversion! Of course, after this the relationship between the two primarchs became pretty remarkable, and Lorgar ended up repaying the favor by arranging for Angron’s ascension to daemonhood during their fight with Guilliman. Unfortunate considering his badass fluff. Angron Round 2 and thereafter: Argel Tal continues asking if it worked, and Kharn sadly mutters to himself “no, it didn’t”.

He’s also got a stormbolter, but we wouldn’t be surprised if that fired chainswords as well. Even without taking into account Disabling Strike, Horus wins though barely as his superior wounds and saves makes him overcome the damage output of Angron.

Still, Lorgar wanted to save Angron, although in his case “save” meant “transfigure into a daemon Primarch”. Those fan made rules are stupid and OTT. Instead of sitting around being a painting on some Chaos God’s wallsitting around while being a rotting fatass and feeling sorry for themselvessitting around and yelling just as planned anytime anything happenssitting around and preaching constantlybeing Maybe deador being missing ; Angron actually gets shit done and boy howdy when he rages his way out of the eye of terror he makes sure that everyone knows about it He made him his personal bitch until he was outmaneuvered by the Space Wolves troops and surrounded, isolated from his World Eaters who were just like their father putting up one hell of a fight and hurt on the Wolves but being slowly separated and isolated from each other.


It should also be noted that one or two battles beforehand a Warhound Scout Titan tried to step on Lorgar after the Aurelian had taken two discharges of the the titan’s main plasma weapon and was badly hurt to the point of almost being mortally wounded in the process. Blood for the Blood God! So, before Erebus made sure that Kharn would become the RAAAAAAGE train we know in 40k by killing Argel Tal in the same novelbecause – as Erebus put it – his damned humanity would have spared Kharn this fate because becoming a berzerk psychopathic killer is so much more awesome than staying sane he appears to be regretting this decision – at least at this point.

Nails also negatively interact with Psykers, killing Librarians with Nails installed taking down entire squads of space marines in the process as their altered brain chemistry made it impossible for them to control their abilities anymore.

Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. Only artwork, not a model same kinda thing as the stompas. Forum adverts like this one are shown to any user who is not logged in.

Originally Posted by Waywatcher. Automatically Appended Next Post: Angron wasn’t as brain-damaged as he would be later so he asked if Russ had come on order of the Emperor. Hearing the howled insults of his own Loyalist World Eaters, Angron flew into a rage and ordered his legion to deploy onto the planet.

Unauthorised reproduction strictly prohibited. My centre is yielding. Yet, surprisingly, Angron did not press his attack either and both Primarchs separated and went their own way. If you look at the two pages, you can tell it is fan made superimposed on top of this blank sheet.

Daemon Primarch Angron Datasheet

Daemon Primarch Angron Datasheet At the end of day, this is only for Apoc so its just a bit of fun me thinks. It’s a fucking mess. So the facts simply do not add up.

The liber apocolypta in the new WD contains 3 anron Blood Angels Thunderhawk Assault Force, Angron and Ork Submersibles and guidelines for what units to use in Apocolypse games set in each of the 3 wars of Amageddon. That sounds like the prissy rationale of someone who’s philosophizing when they could be killing!

Guilliman called Angron out to which the Red Angel replied as follows:. Although he will surely put a dent even in the Warmaster. However, in a subsequent Imperial offensive, Angron was banished to the warp and his men routed.


Of course, this deal required the Nagron to take Angron away datasgeet the only people who weren’t shitty to antron, leaving them all to die; but Big E didn’t give a rat’s ass about those fuckers and they were all summarily executed, as you would expect in a slave rebellion.

So he went on saying that implanting Angron’s legionaires with the Nails had to stop and that they’d be brought to Terra so a way of removing them could be devised amgron he basically told Angron to sort his shit out and stop mutilating his sons. It’s implied in the novels that E-Money took one look at Angron’s fucked-up and dying – the Butcher’s Nails were quite literally destroying his brain so fast that the Mechanicus estimated that he wouldn’t live long enough to see the end of the Great Crusade skull and decided that he was a waste of time and effort, and went off to go suck Horus’ dick some more.

While some might argue that he could have at least dattasheet to removed the Butcher’s Nails, keep in mind that all attempts at removing them from regular Space Marines led to their messy deaths.

Guilliman had it really easy and could have turned out massively different had his life not been so cushy, while Angron’s rage over his admittedly-shitty life had consumed his soul and didn’t exactly let him off the hook for turning his entire legion into murder machines. Also, he doesn’t have EWcould a libby instakill him? No I’m talking about this. He then replicated this technology on his legionaries, despite the Empy’s warnings, and despite how much he hated the source of the nails, his old masters – which adds a little hypocritical spice to his complaints about how the Nails ruined his life, given that he did the same thing to other people for no fucking reason when given the chance -; Or perhaps he wanted his sons to feel the same pain he experienced since he would never be able to remove the goddamn thing from his brain and it pissed him off that his own flesh and blood did not suffer as he did.

Angron, Mortarion, Magnus, Fulgrim. Formosa [My HH Review] http: What if that Legion sent Russ and his dogs running, too ashamed to write down their defeat in Imperial archives? But if that’s true it’s an ever more dickish move.

Angron VS Perturabo Perturabo hits 2 times, wounds 1. Also Ferrus strikes before him thanks to strikedown, making his victory even more guaranteed.

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