And Baby Makes Two [Dyan Sheldon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. And Baby Makes Two [Dyan Sheldon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Lana Spriggs is fed up with everyone telling her what to do. And Baby Makes Two by Dyan Sheldon – book cover, description, publication history.

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Book Review: And Baby Makes Two

It added to the effect of the book by being able to see how someone like Lana would see the world. Although the book focuses on a contemporary ydan – teenage pregnancy – I don’t think it will have wide appeal.

I admit I found myself cringing as Lana struggles to deal with her little girl. Cathy Giles rated it it was ok Nov 04, No trivia or quizzes yet. To ask other readers questions about And Baby Makes Twoplease sign up.

And Baby Makes Two: eBook (Reflowable ePub)

Instead, if anything, it looks like things are going to get harder for Lana: Adrienne rated it it was ok Sep 28, Although I said And Baby Makes Two was a new release, dgan actually a re-release and was originally published in which makes more sense as to why the book appears to be set in the nineties Discmans, oh how I miss thee. Les who is less enthusiastic about the whole syeldon and acts like a perfect jackass towards her and the baby.

Dan, yah, tentu saja Lana yang masih lima belas tahun, hamil. I have this sneaking suspicion that this was written in part as a warning to teenage girls—don’t have unprotected babu, kids, or you might end up pregnant and wildly ignorant of just about everything and with an utterly deadbeat baby daddy! She wants her dyzn flat, her own husband and her own children.


Karakter utamanya emang rada ngegemesin dan kasian. Sep 23, Hana Feberia rated it liked it. And nobody ever seems to notice or be bothered by the fact that, when she and her original dirtbag boyfriend start sleeping together, he’s 20 and she’s This anv a first for me reading Dyan Sheldon and I was not disappointed, interesting book full of the ups and downs and being a teenager, and how sometimes all people want is a baby.

The only character who I connected with was Shanee, Lana’s best friend. I did however like how realistic this was and how the characters thoughts got less as she got more stressed. Pertama, saya kaget novel ini masuk genre teenlit.

Still though I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will be getting more of twoo authors books. I often enjoy teen fiction but this was badly written, and the main character was not likeable.

And Baby Makes Two by Dyan Sheldon (2 star ratings)

Sa hit just got serious and she was all alone with her baby whom she named after a freaking shoepolish brand. And Baby Makes Two makkes about a teenage girl called Lana and all the troubles she goes through as she gets older. The writing itself is very good- easy to read and I’m a bit torn about how I feel about this one but I liked it overall.

Which is done really well dyna towards the end which shows the difficulty and the suffering. Nadhira Putri rated it it was ok Dec 07, I tried to stick it out through the entire book and I almost made it I can’t believe how thoughtless and irresponsible the MC was in this book. Menurutnya ia akan segera dewasa sesaat setelah menjadi ibu. I did like Lana though, even though I wanted to grab her by the shoulders and give her a good shake for being so naive and stupid but it’s to be expected because she shedon only Is Lana able to keep her fantasy going or is the harsh reality of motherhood going to cause everything to fall around her ears?

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Yola NY rated it it was sheldno Dec 15, I found Lana absolutely irritating, Les a creep and her mother annoying. The emotions felt real.

Points for not wrapping things up easily, but No one else really hung around for the entire book, bar Lana’s mum who I actually didn’t mind. The truth, however, is very different from the fantasy and not only does Lana have to deal wit All Lana Spriggs wants out of life is to have her own family.

Cathy Giles rated it it was ok Nov 04, Globetrotting Grandpa “Tis not too late to seek a newer world”.

Teenlit ini menceritakan tentang pergaulan bebas seorang remaja awal di Inggris. Aaaaah Lana, seandainya kamu memahami bahwa merasa dewasa dan menjadi dewasa itu berbeda.

Not worried by the fact that she would be throwing her life away, she decides to keep the baby.

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