Jaishree Misra’s Ancient Promises, a sensitive account of a girl’s efforts to find her destination in life, is full of keen psychological observations. Jaishree Misra’s Ancient Promises: A Story of Love and Family. Loyalty. Talluri Mathew Bhaskar. Lecturer in English. ABSTRACT: Fiction writing has become a. Jaishree Misra’s (JM) Ancient Promises is the story of an affectionate and dutiful daughter, a compassionate but guilty lover, a restless and miserable wi.

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You feel all of the characters, even the peripheral ones. Her sole hope for happiness gets punched when, she delivers a mentally challenged baby girl, Riya. They whisk her away to native Kerala and arrange for her to marry a groom ”handpicked by them” from the socially respected Maraar family. You have already subscribed. Agree to whatever u have said.

Years passed in seconds, eternity lived in minutes. These are her stolen days of perfect promiises with her lover Arjun. Can forced marriage get you a complete life?

Janu’s life takes a new turn and her decision to leave her husband strengthens. I’m not going to describe the storybut it was a great experience to read this story of Janaki.

The Western lifestyle for freedom gets rooted in her mind during her school days. N i heard ”Accidents. Feb 21, Jagan George rated it did not like it. Read the first page and imsra know this writer is a Keralite.

Ancient Promises: Review

Hope you and your Riya are fine there. The story is too real to our life and Janu is human, promisfs and her problems are real and vivid that is so hard to solve. Janu promises to file for divorce to end the miserable marriage, flee with Riya to England and restart a new life with Arjun.


Talk to your friends about it, definitely not for the light hearted ones. Sep 16, Deviprasad rated it really liked it.

Sep 17, Veena rated it liked it. Feb 26, Silvia Tieri rated it did not like it Shelves: The ancint has not won any awards so far.

Women Existence in Jaishree Misra‚ÄĚs Ancient Promises

Jaishree Misra’s JM Ancient Promises is the story of an affectionate and dutiful daughter, a compassionate but guilty lover, a restless and miserable wife, a helpless and despairing mother – a woman constantly in search of an identity, a woman pursuing her rightful share of happiness.

The author lavishly uses Malayalam words all through the novel. The wings of her carefree life gets cripples as she agrees to marry according to her parents’ wishes. She gets married to Miara from the socially respected Maraar family on her 18th birthday.

Once I did realise, the absence of mobile jaishres, internet and jaishrwe 21st century communication methods suddenly jumped out at me. Since most of th events take place in Kerala,and could easily relate th culture here.

The setting seems scarily familiar. And after reading this I’m going to try my damnedest for the happine A neatly penned down narrative, about the so called traditions, family loyalty, and the sufferings of a newly married girl, that too at an younger age. In this case, you have given away the climax as well. The storyline is something we have read before but the way it has been written will keep one hooked wanting to laugh and cry a little. I begin to dread this author, like Khaled Hosseini.

I loved reading the book which voiced various emotions of a woman.

Ancient Promises: Review –

Jaishree Misra’s debut book with a fresh musra voice in comparison with the other novelists of her time. Its the fascinating story of the protagonist Janaki’s long journey traced through a happy childhood, an unexpected arranged match, a traumatic marriage ending in strife finally culminating with the finding of everlasting love in true fairytale fashion. Hai RK may i call you thatwhats in a name Excellent review machan.


I’m sure u will appreciate the book too! Heads I promoses, tails I skip Flip The coins lands A House for Mr. First of all, this book contains very hardcore kerala culture and language. To talk about your reviews, they are only scaling heights by the day. Situated in Kerala, a beautiful part of the sub-continent.

I plan a detailed visit to Crossword this weekend. Here’s how terms and conditions apply.

Taking the same line of novel-writing strategy, Jaishree Misra gives opportunity for readers to enjoy the b Jaishree Misra’s debut book with a fresh narrative voice in comparison with the other novelists of her time. Books by Jaishree Misra.

The novel describes the ways of Malayalees very accurately and I had the feeling of reading a Malayalam novel translated to English. Janu’s recounting of her arrival at her marital home on the day of her marriage, on her 18th birthday, is brilliant.

You have been loggedin via facebook. Jul 10, Cynthia George rated it really liked it. Janu is forced to leave for England without her daughter. Jan 19, Krishnendu rated it really liked it. However, you can change your cookie settings at any time. Straight from the heart!! It’s all too real, all too terrible, and all too worrisome for after reading the book, you’ll be forced to ponder upon how society hasn’t changed in all these centuries of advancement and how women are still subjugated by the patriarchal norms of society.

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