Anatheism has ratings and 17 reviews. Rex said: I am always hesitant to review books written for a conversation for which I lack basic accord. After. In Anatheism, Richard Kearney sets a path of returning to God “after God”. This is a road map for those who have moved intellectually away. So what is anatheism? Kearney describes it variously as a movement, a paradigm, an invitation, a wager, a drama; a position between, before.

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And aantheism, I can readily assent to his imperative in its most basic sense, that we suspend arrogant certitude and humbly allow reality to transform our concepts anathesm the outside, or that we allow our faith to be renewed by deeper and deeper insight.

If you don’t like to look at doubt don’t read this book. How is that different from someone years ago who did business in the daytime and learned a shiur at night?

Richard Kearney on anatheism | Entitled Opinions

But I still want to work through why it might have been easier in modernity than now. To ask other readers questions about Anatheismplease sign up. While the shimmer of a further reality was a millimeter away from her face, she only had words to express what she experienced as surface. And it is there that I am left cold by this book.

Feb 20, Marissa Dry rated it liked it. May 20, Oearney Bradshaw rated it liked kearey Shelves: The seven page summary review by the reviewer John Burkley is especially lucid and detailed.

Her vision was that of an early anatheist who has the extreme privilege of a spirit of openness and wants to pass it along. If so, this book may be for you. Notify me of new posts via email. It requires a anwtheism grounding in Continental philosophies, particularly the hermeneutics of Ricoeur, Phenomenology, and modern literary works by Proust, Joyce, and Woolf, anatheusm addition to other major religious traditions. Kearney is a specialist in the post-secular return to religion in Continental philosophy.


But it was not as secular as you make it. The author recaps toward the end: Full review here Any thoughts about applying anatheism to the post-secualrism all around us?

Oct 04, Daniel Seifert rated it it was amazing Shelves: From where I stand at least, there is something spectacularly behind, beyond, outside our humanized God. Why did you lapse into Jewish sociology to answer a iearney about the post-secular age? Below are some excerpts. Anatheism has received much critical acclaim with Le Monde describing it as a ‘courageous, thought-provoking book written with rare honesty and openness of mind’, and The New Yorker hailing it as a ‘heartfelt, pragmatic and eminently realistic argument about how one might think about God after the disappearance of God’.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! After all, the introduction hooked me enough to make me decide to read the full work. This paradigm acts as a hard filter on the Abrahamic traditions, producing religious insights that are not always banal but generally presupposed. I took it on myself to say I go back and forth from secular to torah, but in truth I think many are like me. The choice is acting like a fool or being an old fuddy duddy. Situated at the split between theism and atheism, anateism now have the opportunity to respond in de Has anatheims passing of the old Keqrney paved the way for a new kind of religious project, a more responsible way to seek, sound, and love the things we call divine?

Recently I have discovered the term anatheismwhich describes my experience with the world we have now.

The author uses a variety of modes to discuss God: I would have liked to see this discussed. He also proposes kezrney dialectical approach between atheism and theism, the secular and the sacred, as it is only the enlightened religions that can save the world from amoral nihilism, and its only secularism that can keatney the religions from dogmatic absolutisms, the secular and sacred must have a s Richard Kearney very creatively opens a unique space between militant atheism which is driven by materialist absolutism and dogmatic theism which is plagued by divine absolutism, he calls it Ana-theism.


Anatheism: Returning to God After God

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It does not sound like it! EJ- First day of qnatheism semester for me.

For Keaney the stranger is an infinite Other incarnate in finite others. First, I simply am not convinced of the obsolescence of traditional faith, Holocaust or no, secular age or no.

Richard Kearney’s “Anatheism” | Fanny Howe

Note also that, if you are turned off to God because of the events of the Holocaust and other major evilsthere is a special chapter discussing that. This leads to some major reservations I have with his approach. But in order to make his vision or radical receptivity possible, Kearney must put all religions on a ground he regards as prior, perhaps more aboriginal than any of them. Since you dissolve the theology-sociology distinction, well it had clear reasons for no longer existing and people not wanting to follow your approach.

Reflections on Freud and Rosenzweig? Though recognizing the shared linguistic roots of hospitality and hostility, along with discussions of “double-movements,” Kearney never discusses the role of violence within being hospitable.

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