I Life and Writings of Arrian. 3 wrote many original books. By far the most important of these is the Anabasis of Alexander, or the History of Alexander the Great’s. The Anabasis Alexandri is an historical account written by Arrian. During the early 16th century, the Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze bought a copy of this book. Anabasis Alexandri Book VIII has 7 ratings and 0 reviews. The two works of Arrianus (Arrian) * ANABASIS ALEXANDRI BOOK VIII (INDICA) * SUCESSORS OF.

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Death of Philip and Accession of Alexander. Larisa Aperian rated it it was amazing May 13, He accompanied his patron to Rome, where he received the Roman citizenship. Alexander destroys the City of the Getae. L similar stratagem was used by Lysander at Aegospotami, b. Having agreed with him about the money, alfxandri having likewise promised to hand over the horses, they departed.

Escape of Darius into Media. Capture of Sangala XXV.

Thence he marched to Mallus, where he rendered to Amphilochus the sacrificial honours due to a hero. Alexander’s Dealings -with Athens. He did not carry a letter from Alexander, because it did not appear to the king advisable to write openly about’ such a matter ; but he reported the message entrusted to him byword of mouth. Exploration of the Mouths of the Indus.

To all of them he gave pledges of amity, and received pledges from them in return. They immediately forgot the G;recia,n language, and forthwith began to utter a foreign speech, not, indeed, that of the ‘ Compare Plutarch Alex.

The Anabasis of Alexander by Arrian

Campaign against the Oritians. He tried to force a landing; but the barbarians came to meet him at the brink of the river, where the ships were making the assault.


The rest of the army he left behind near the city, to prevent the citizens from hasten- ing forth to form a junction with Glaucias as they would have doneif all the Macedonian army had withdrawn. Some statements made by other writers I have incorporated in my narrative, because they seemed to me worthy of mention and not altogether improbable ; but I have given them merely as reports of Alexander’s proceedings.

Before the arrival of Alexander, he had succeeded in checking the advance of Parmenio and Callas. Voyage down the Hydaspes into the Acesines.

The Army Recruited from the Persians. Desceiption of the Battle of the Geanicus. When Glaucias heard of the expedition of Philotas he marched out to meet him, and seized the mountains which surrounded the plain, from which Philotas intended to procure forage. The Ambassadors of the Celts. It was at once evident to the king that the physician was acting honourably in giving the medicine, for he was not alarmed at the letter, but only so much the more exhorted the king to obey all the other prescriptions which he might give, promising that his life would be saved if he obeyed his instructions.

Ptolemy was one of the earliest alesandri of Alexander before his accession to the throne, and accompanied ababasis throughout his campaigns, being one of his most skilful generals and most intimate friends. He therefore went on board the fleet himself. Probably the most widely used scholarly Alexandrii translation is Loeb Classical Library edition with facing Greek anabxsisin two volumes. The Landmark edition includes extensive margin notes and maps on every other page.


Book 7 recounts the events of Alexander’s final year, including the Susa marriages, the Opis mutiny, the death of Hephaestionand Alexander’s own death BC.

Anabasis Alexandri Book VIII: Indica

There are no known copyright restrictions in the United States on the use of the text. A small work by Arrian on the Chase, forms a supplement to Xenophon’s book on the same subject. Tyre Besieged by Sea as well as Land Terrible to them also was the closely-looked order of the phalanx, and violent the charge of the cavalry. The mean- ing which the words expressed was this:: See Xenophon Anabasis, i. Capture of the Rock of Chorienes.

And now Spithridates from behind had already raised aloft his scimitar against the king, when Clitus, son of Dropidas, anticipated his blow, and hitting him on the arm, cut it off, scimitar and all.

The Anabasis of Alexander – Wikipedia

March from the Indus to the Hydaspe. Main pages with authority control data. Being defeated in his attempts to force the passage of the Nile, his own troops mutinied against him and slew him B.

Consequently this Alexander was arrested and kept under guard. Then indeed Perdiccas, after forcing his way within the second stockade, fell there wounded with a dart, and was carried back grievously injured to the camp, where he was with difficulty cured of his wound.

Xerxes took the same route when marching into Greece.

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