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For more details,please read our Privacy Policy. October 3, This must be ah8247sb tach output. First I tried connecting a 10K pullup resistor to pin 2 on the motor driver board to 3. I was trying to power it up, but no success. Oh, and my guess of what your project is about is to build an IR-camera. I didn’t get as much as an email, let alone someone interested in buying it.

It was a logic low.


Privacy Policy Terms of Use. On the motor board the pin 1 is closest to the right side of datawheet board with the connector at the bottom. I KNOW this part was working. Douglas Berlier this motor spins too fast for You, an8247sg be able to get a visible, moving dot. Based on that I conclude that it is very likely a 12V rail.


April 1, Ratasheet not so well understand in English, only in Russian. Could you draw schematic please. Service manual for the HPLJ gives following description of the scanner motor connector may be different in the model you have: I found a doc on a similar chip similar series number and this is OEM so probably related on the Toshiba website.

English is obviously not your native language. We serving customers almost every area of industry and commerce, including the automotive,communnication,industrial,transportation,military.

So without this pin motor worked. Shenzhen Chuangqiang Electronics Co. I suggest You to use a stepper motor or something, with this square motor.

AN8247SB Panasonic laser disk spindle Motor Controller datasheet.

Sign In Stay Signed in. I connected a function generator at a few kilohertz with a 3. My mw green laser can now draw a straight line! I have the same unit, but my interest was on the other side of the box. What about chances to use arduino for controlling this an8247sg Only the ANSB is the same.

Any unauthorized reproduction of any content herein is strictly prohibited. For interest I thought of powering it up, but I too cannot find a data sheet for the device. Using a frequency of 5 or 50 Khz did not change the motor speed.


Then, it can give out excellent, completely normally printed sheet and is normal to dataheet work. If so, I would like to build one too. Not even anything bad.

By rotating the mirror very slowly by hand, I counted 6 pulses per revolution. Order 1 Brand Name world ic stock Brief Description 1.


I had a laser head I pulled out of a Sharp I think printer. Make best possible service. I experience that my control pin is not frequency controlled but rather the duty cycle controlled the motor speed.

So my datasheeg plan of attack does not succeed. Bank Wire Transfer 2.

Digging around in my junk box produced the power supply board for the laser printer. You can use these tags: I tried grounding it through an ammeter and noticed that the current, although it started at a few hundred microamps, tapered off quite rapidly.

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