Bitter gourd, which is known in the Philippines as ampalaya, is an annual plant that is native in this country. It is botanically known as. AMPALAYA FARMER USES ORGANIC INPUT TO BOOST HIS PRODUCTION usually has a modest harvest decided to use an organic foliar fertilizer; it almost doubled the output of his ampalaya or bitter gourd plantation. The ampalaya plants of Leonardo are producing healthy tops which are readily bought by local buyers – providing him with additional income.

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Production Guide on Ampalaya

From Grassland to Nature Park. Organic fertilizer is applied at the rate of 5 tons per hectare during land preparation or a week before planting. Establishment of Budwood Garden or Scion Grove. Pack in plastic or bamboo crates line with newspaper or bamboo leaves. Is it ok if i mix it with lannate?

The recommended varieties of bitter gourd are: Wrapping young fruits with newspaper or plastic bags prevent the fruit fly from laying eggs on the fruits.

Technoguide for Ampalaya Production Part 1 | Juan Magsasaka | Provides Free Farming Guides and Tips

Ampalyaa learned that plants sprayed with Amino Plus are more resistant to diseases and stresses in the field, like apalaya. For leaf or shoot production, irrigate twice a week for faster shoot development, and to minimize the bitter taste of shoots and fruits. The nursery minimizes exposure of the seedlings to extreme prodyction weather, heavy rains, and protects them from stray animals. Caring for and maintaining the seedlings. A guide will be very useful. Remove all lateral vines from ground level up to the top of the trellis and all ineffective lateral vines above the trellis at 15 to 20 days interval.

Leonardo said he would have encountered the same fate if not for his decision to use Amino Plus Foliar Fertilizer.


Thrips- it is a very small crawling insect on that stays on the lower side of the leaves.

Leaves die as spots increase it size. Fruits may also be allowed to form just above the 10th node. Spread the seeds in a wet, clean cotton cloth for a more uniform absorption of moisture, and roll the cloth. Lroduction your website today.

Ampalaya Farmer Uses Organic Input To Boost His Production

The fungus may be introduced on greenhouse grown plants or wind from areas infected with the diseases. Bitter gourd responds well to soil rich in organic matter and inorganic ampzlaya. What is the medecine can use to grow my ampalaya plant? It grows in low elevation area anytime of the year.

Mario Leonardo proudly shows an ampalaya fruit which is almost ready for harvesting. Plastic Mulching An improved technology in the Philippines for ampalaya production is the ampzlaya of plastic mulch to cover the beds.

Harvest early in the morning to protect harvested fruits against rain, sun, and mechanical damage. Symptoms are deformed fruits, fruits with holes that turn orange or yellow prematurely. Bitter gourd or ampalaya grows best with overhead balag type trellis about 6 ft productio. Water and Weeding Management Ampalaya productoin a plant that requires an abundant supply of moisture for vegetative and reproductive development to maintain a good crop stand in the dry season.

Adults lay it eggs on the young fruits. Site Selection and Land Ampxlaya. It pays to select varieties which are high-yielding, early-maturing, tolerant to pests and diseases, adapted to local climatic conditions, and easy-to-sell.

Time of Planting Early planting in some areas is usually done during the months of October to December and the late planting are during the month of January to February. A lining of bamboo poles with abaca twine as lateral supports is done three weeks after germination.


Corn Disease and Disease Management. Rita type, which is long, dark green and less warty and the Pinakbet type which is short and warty and much bitter in flavor. Weeding is done when need arises. The insect can be control by removing all damage fruits from the field.

The fruits contain calcium, phosphorus, iron, carbohydrates, and vitamins A, B, and C. This was found to be very effective time to spray. The crops grow well in anpalaya types of soil with a pH of 5. Setting Up Your Garden: Unlike other fertilizers derived from fish and other natural sources, Amino Plus Foliar Fertilizer is not processed at rpoduction temperatures, preventing the denaturation of proteins and retaining amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, and natural oil.

Technoguide for Ampalaya Production Part 1. Fertilization The use of organic fertilizer such as manure or compost about 5 to 10 tons per hectare with inorganic fertilizer is recommended. For headaches wounds, burns and skin diseases, apply warmed leaves to afflicted area. Incorporate organic fertilizer lroduction the rate of 50 g per hill before planting. Transplanting is recommended for hybrid seeds, and for off-season planting to minimize the exposure of young plants to unfavorable weather conditions and reduce plant mortality.

Wrapping reduce the use of pesticides. Rita b Jade star and c Native bitter gourd. Higher yield however is attained on sandy loam soil.

It can be grown anytime of the year for its edible shoots and fruits and offers a good supply of vitamins and minerals. Use a seedling tray with or holes. His ampalaya plantation is an example of how Amino Plus can prevent plant stress, as his crop managed to survive the drought.

Other recommended spacing are:

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