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American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld – review

sittehfeld Contradictions—within a country, within a family, within ourselves—are inevitable. Also, the sex scenes were difficult to read because I kept having to imagine George W and Laura, and it was just too much for me. I was feeling very grateful to Random House for such a juicy, engaging, character-rich read. It just jarred with the rest of the book and left me feeling a bit frustrated. That’s what the SAT has done to us.

Aug 07, Lisa rated it really liked it. You never know what goes on behind closed doors. Sittenfeld has created a provocative picture of the complex relationship between public and private life.

Charlie buys the Brewers, not the Rangers. However, this book’s main character, based on Laura Bush, is extremely uninteresting. Open Preview Curtiz a Problem? At times it is hard to square, but I’ll give Curtis Sittenfeld a break on this one, because I really love the character nonetheless. What would it be like to be married to the most reviled presdient in American history?

American Wife – Curtis Sittenfeld

Feb 25, Erin rated it really liked it Shelves: The main character is very compelling and I love the grandmother. Clearly, I’m not the right reader for this book. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


These are the private lives that public figures are not supposed to have: And she even does a quite generous job with the George-esque character, finding a narrative that makes him both a dufus and intensely charming — to the point that we can almost understand how he ametican manage to win the presidency. He is a bawdy, self-aggrandizing F-up, and yet, like Alice, I found myself being drawn to his potency and charisma in spite of myself.

I’m interested to see what the reviews will have to say. I enjoyed “American Wife”. Unfortunately, it follows the Bush saga too closely.

I wish the story and its characters had maintained the sittenfeld complexities it did in its earlier sections. This book is no exception. Usually it means it’s some milquetoast bullshit that tries to use wow, my foray into new fiction turned ugly with the first of many sex scenes sittenfrld a Laura Bush a clef and a George W. Now, when I pick this book back up, despite the roaringly good head start I had with it, every time the male central character has dialogue, I am tortured by sitteenfeld it as the weaselly George Bush would say it.

Dec 18, Book Concierge rated it really liked it Shelves: I’ve given high praise to authors who seem able to “resurrect” actual historical figures and infuse life into them by placing them in dynamic relationships and creating a voice with conversations.

The first pages of this novel merit 5 stars. You have to be a sick fuck to want to think about GWs penis.

Usually it means it’s some milquetoast bullshit that tries to use little words to great effect, little sound, little fury, little signifying. I felt not only like i was walking in Laura Bush’s shoes, but living in her skin. I guess that’s fair americaan it still doesn’t seem like it.


In bed with Dubya

Oct 02, Kecia rated it really liked it Shelves: I was doubly intrigued when I found out that the protagonist of American Wife is a very thinly veiled Laura Bush. I’ve never been one who wide admire Laura while disliking her husband, and for many of the same reasons covered in the book.

How can she both love and fundamentally disagree with her husband? Not that the book is a hatchet job – far from it. Topics Fiction The Observer. It was like being brought up short: Whether you loved or hated the Bush’s, or fell somewhere in between, this skillful work of modern-day historical fiction is a must-read.

The first hundred or so pages are all about establishing who Alice is, before we see her meet Charlie, the young Republican hot-shot whose star is on the rise. I can’t ignore the fact that Curtis Sittenfeld a woman by the way. She americzn, to the best of her ability, attempts to be objective in humanizing them. It seems that the author lost her focus after the main characters moved into the white house.

But the problem with that is sittenfeeld I could only picture their faces, despite her numerous comments about how good looking Charlie was.

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